IS AA religious or is it spiritual? Is it white or is it SNOWFLAKE?


I just did a show about this. In preparation for my film I had all the references to GOD, HP , higher power crapola pulled out. We found there were some almost 600 references to God in the first 164 pages.

I am making a film about AA and 12 step coercion and if you would like to donate to the film please consider the Tax deductable donation. Many have been forced to AA or NA  against your first amendment rights. Please click on the links below.

Or you can donate to the IDA and use paypal as well…

There are also a lot of MUSTS! For a take it or leave it program there are many many musts.

I am convinced AA is a suedo,  religious,  and very cult like for sure. If you leave they ostracize you. If you question its tenets, they ostracize you. If you try to make it safe…they tell you its an outside issue. But we can think for ourselves and use our minds and not be brainwashed.

lightbulb pic

I think they are crazy! Please listen to the show and I will do a few more so we can laugh and not cry our way through this process. Some times its hard. 🙁

There are 7 free non religious options. Smart Recovery, SOS, , LIfeRING, Hams Harm Reduction, The Sinclair Method and Recover! The PERFECT PROGRAM> by Stanton Peele and Ilse Thompson.