KICK STARTER and The Launching of the Media Campaign for The Documentary Film THE 13TH STEP Coming Soon


Most of you know that I have been working on my Doc about exposing AA and the sexual predation going on in it and within the culture. I have been up in Canada and there are so many fantastic films being pitched and shown here. Every film has used crowd funding as part of building the audience early on and to just raise money along with getting money from a Broadcaster, or independent sources.


At first I was hesitant to do this given the subject, but after seeing film clips/trailers about Syria, the Congo, Anita Hill and many other more serious subjects, I have been given a new perspective on the whole AA , NA 12 step problem.  Even The Catholic Church has been taken on and I am sure AA is not bigger then they are.

So I will be launching a crowd funding kick starter campaign to raise money.

I have spoken to many reps from many countries about the sexual predation in AA and in doing so realized that even though AA is a worldwide organization, …it …the world is not infested with AA culture dominating their society as it is in America.

I will be creating a face book page for the film and a kick starter page. It has been the most validating experience so far. To be away from Los Angeles, and the US and talk with sane fantastic film people from Sundance, The BBC, CNN, IFP, France, Montreal, Chile and the like, lets me know that AA and America are not the world. It has been very validating! Eye opening for them when I tell them AA is not run by TRAINED Facilitators…at all!!!

AA is really not as global as presented. In that I mean… the domination of their cultures. They may have meetings and Big Books in their languages but its nothing like the USA. Which is good.

My KickStarter will be me talking directly into the camera telling you how much I have shot already and what I will be covering and how much I have already spent. I will tell you what our plan is. If anyone wants to be involved please contact me.

So ….there is lots of hope.