Celebrating 100 Shows and Over 72,950 Listens TOMORROW Tuesday March 26th on Blog Talk Radio 4pm PST 7pm EST Massive and Gunthar 2000 with special guests.

Join us for a fun 1 hour show with blogger from www.expaa.org Gunthar 2000 exposing the pitfalls of AA and its culture. We will celebrate 2 years of radio shows that give us who left AA, or are leaving AA  a voice to speak up and speak out on many of the abuses going on and what we can do to have those criminals arressted and sued !!!! 🙂

Remember 13 stepping if it begins IN A MEETING is Sexual Harassment, is illegal in the USA , is against our civil rights. SO as he /she flirts with you, harasses or touches you be sure to get his or her FULL NAME. Knowledge is power. But if no action is taken they can harass, rape, molest and kill another member. If a crime if committed …do what Keeper says “CALL THE LAW.”

AA is NOT a secret Society.

AA is a huge Multi Million dollar non profit that brings in over $12,000,000 million dollars a year.

call in 818-475-9211






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