Alcoholics Anonymous is a Cult of Massive Manipulated proportions. SCARY STEPPER MOVIE Part 1


SO what makes up a cult? There is a conversation that I hope to bring over here from a FACEBOOK group I am in. At a few times in history AA was compared to Scientology. The AMA was critical of it. So what happened. How much money , and power did it take. Or was it just Hollywoods fault. Lillian Gish, Marty Mann, The Lost Weekend, The Days of Wine & Roses, Dick van Dyke’s fault and his 1975 Press conference with Senator Hughes in Washington DC?

Why did I even fight those words and say..”.no AA is not a cult…gee Bill W is dead.” Where is the leader. How can you have a cult if the leader is dead? Well, surely now I know this doesn’t matter.

What would a movie look like if it really tore up AA. I would actually like to make one. Would it be a comedy? A dark Comedy like Shameless? Would it have to be a series like Dextor on Showtime. Showing the real horrors of disgusting predatory men who have disgusting violent sex with 16 year old girls at ICYPAA events . Guys with tattoos and are 25 years older then the young teens they are .with …well …you get the picture.

These are the types of emails I get. I have gotten for the past 5 years, starting with my stop13stepinaa Blog. Its such a quiet thing these days, yet still people find me from it.

If you didn’t notice…Im pissed off tonight.

I AM NOT  ALONE! !!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are thousands more  out there.

I need a Break! Im tired! TGIF…and I am no longer in AA!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! opps did I say that?

Yup..I just wrote that. Cause I am so tired….This is what I need.  Then I need some of this… then I might need some of this… and some of this…A nice dinner out with my husband. A glass of wine. Some live music. I love love being gone from AA. Gone from the thinking, Gone from the nonsense. Gone from sitting in those stupid ass meetings.  I hope you all have a nice weekend. Away from your computers, away from AA, away from the blogs and are living your lives and having fun with friends, family and people you love and like. Not having to put up with sitting in rooms with nuts and mentally ill people we do not know etc. romantic dinner cartoonwine glassesspacandlespic

spa lady pic

Glenn Close Returns to Stage, Reveals Remarkable Childhood in Cult

It appears that Glenn Close was a member of The Frank Buchman Cult The Oxford Movement as a child! glenn close

Back on Broadway in Edward Albee’s ‘A Delicate Balance,’ the three-time Tony winner opens up her larger-than-life father, William Taliaferro Close, a doctor who spent years in the Congo, battling Ebola and serving as Congolese leader Mobutu Sese Seko’s personal physician; his decision to join religious group/cult the Moral Re-Armament; and why she holds no resentment: “Forgiveness is probably the most revolutionary concept there is right now in our world”

This story first appeared in the Oct. 24 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The cult’s impact was so great, says Close, that for years “I wouldn’t trust any of my instincts because [my beliefs] had all been dictated to me.”


Close was 7 years old when her dad, a Harvard-educated doctor from a long line of New England blue bloods, joined the religious group known as the Moral Re-Armament.

Read The full story here…

There is a lot of history I didn’t know about how big the Oxford Movement became…some 30,000…and it continued into the 1970’s…I think it helped grow AA in high wealthily circles. If they were not in 12 step , they were part of the MRA…all the same except in AA 13 stepping was prevalent.

Your thoughts?      Any more facts anyone knows?      Some one needs to interview her from “our camp” the ex steppers” .

Maybe she has insight…she was close to Robin Williams? hmmmm…..

The “ASAM “American Society of Addicted Medicine is all Stepper Sh**T…did you know that?


I know they sound official. I know they think they are in charge. I know they think they are different. I know they think they know what is right for everyone, but really…a 1935 religious conversion cultish institution that is FULLY and I mean fully embedded in our medicine , The FAA and aviation. WOW …holy shit… I thought coercion when you got a DUI was bad. I thought sentencing a sex offender was bad and it is, but what I have uncovered is quite …fucking madness. I will not mince words here, because this is some scary shit.

So who are these guys? Are they special ninja addiction Doctors…. Nope. Are they specially trained for alcohol dependency? …nope… Are they trained in Japan with ancient warriors who fight voodoo bad guys addicted to alcohol? Nope.

They are all f **king steppers who think they are better then the rest. They are in control ….and they love it …Are they good men? Are they kind and loving and so they know how to make good coffee and clean ashtrays from the 1970’s.

DO they serve canned Carnation milk and white sugar with their coffee in plastic cups served up in plastic brown holders? OMFG … I hate that shit. Don’t you ?

Everyone needs to know and we need a reporter to tell at least this part of the story. I will be telling it in a segment of my film , but this story breaks the whole damn thing wide open.

ANY Doctor, Pilot, Lawyer, Nurse , or CPA who has lost their license and is being told they HAVE to GO TO an AA rehab and then go see an AA psych  sponsor, and then go to AA meetings can please hire a lawyer and sue their asses. Call me if you have any questions.


be strong, be fearless, be powerful and fight back !


Baby killed by being shaken to death… Oh this is so sad!

nevershake a baby

This is so sad. Baby was killed by being shaken. Guess who did it. Guess what fellowship he belonged to…OMFG they are such pieces of shit!!!!!!…

Its says where they met, where she was when her baby was murdered…etc They are both members of Alcoholics Anonymous…

Forgiveness… When to Forgive, why to forgive, how to forgive- What I learned… I DID NOT LEARN in Alcoholics Anonymous


One of the biggest false tales in AA is to forgive people who have harmed you. Sadly today this is so misconstrued. Bill and Bob were never talking about childhood abuse. But over the years this nonsense began to be spouted. When ever I heard this I always brought in a sane point of view but all too often on these anti AA forums I hear horror tales of sponsee’s telling woman and men “what was your part in it” or that “you need to forgive that asshole parents of yours”?

Fortunate for  me I got a good therapist in 1991 and did early child hood abuse work. Which Included the knowledge that I never needed to forgive my abuser. That part of healing from childhood abuse work did not include forgiving them. I was shocked. I was relieved. I cried. I cried alot. She told me I needed to just mourn all of it. I did.

I went to very few AA meetings during this time. I mothered my first son and began some real healing that I never did from AA bullshit steps.

One never has to forgive to heal from that. Many years later my abuser made many attempts to change their behavior and mend the old past. It took many years, but I found after other healing work I did , I forgave them in a certain way. But I would never forget what they did to me. AND that I could not trust them ever in certain things…probably ever…but that was realistic. ANd giving up hope that they would ever change was good too.  My therapist was not in AA …She now knows all about AA predators and told many because of my work.

Forgiveness is thrown around and  around in AA halls like a bag of balls, a bag of dirt and bag of crap…all wrapped up into one. They are soothsayers who are rather stupid. They think they can make up who GOD is …or is not….no one can do that.

They are an arrogant group…

Sometimes I hear people who are not even in AA talk AA forgiveness shit about , moving on…

AA and its writing community is entrenched in our culture …from  WRECK IT RALPH to FINDING NEMO to FLIGHT with Denzel washington.

We need more Gabrielle Glaser’s and hopefully Ilse’s and Stanton’s forth coming book will create another ripple in the pond of sugary Dr Drew/Dr Phil philosophy Bullshit to dismember the head of the AA beast in American Culture and Media.