SEX CRIMES and Alcoholics Anonymous…WHAT IS YOUR STORY?

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RECENTLY , today , Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would extend statue of limitations on suing Private Institutions for childhood sexual abuse.

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Why would he do this? Why would our Governor be so lacking in sensitivity to childhood sexual abuse? I have no answers but I will be going to Sacramento to investigate why violent and sex offenders are plea bargained to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings…

a no where place that has no one in charge, no leaders, no professional setting and a place where the most vulnerable woman and men go and are met with senior, seasoned, sexually predatory old- timers, and sex offenders who go there intentionally to prey on new comers.

If you are unaware what is going on in AA, please ask me any question.  AA is run by simple lay “sober ” members who could have a day sober, six months sober, ten years sober, or they could be lying, or are a school teacher, or a rapist, or a plumber, or a murderer, or you. You will never know.

DO NOT TRUST ANY of them till they prove themselves trust worthy. I highly suggest you go to SMART RECOVERY, MODERATION, HARM Reduction, SOS, The Sinclair Method, or by goggling alternatives to 12 step programs.

If you or anyone you know, any child, any teen has been harmed, please contact me at I will be in NYC and Colorado filming soon. I am currently in California filming interviews and will posting a short video update very soon.

Suicides in Alcoholics Anonymous culture. Why so many?

Sad Suicide

How many do you know? I know a man who shot himself in the head with 20 years sober. It was about rage and money someone said…really? My brother  in -law hung himself in the bathroom of his small studio in the summer of 2011. He had been sober 8  years, drank, sober another group of years. But when he went back each time with complaints of mental illness and needed to use medication.. they didn’t welcome Brian. They actually shunned and criticized him. Ryan a blogger friend killed himself last June after his 23 year old sister killed herself 6 months prior. They were both in AA and left because ..he felt it was a moronic dangerous cult.

My husband has known 5…that’s alot of suicides. 2 women and 3 men. So he has know 5 and I have know 4!. Thats 9 suicides mostly sober, just between my husband and I.

Can we make a running list of first names and brief accounts. I think it is worth investigating. In Memory of…

So if you are told that

“you will die if you drink, that you are broken at your core  and that you are like a man who has lost his legs you will never grow new ones and that you have to turn your will and your life over to God, .. to be healed. You were born that way, you are naturally incapable of being honest with yourself.  .

But the end is never in site.

You are broken at your core is the essence of the AA ideology.

Personally I thought about driving off the Pali Highway, in Honolulu many years ago after I was 13 stepped. Thank god I didn’t. Thanks to me I didn’t.  Why do you think this happens so much and who did you know? Or did you almost do it too? Maybe this thread will help someone not DO IT!

Welcome. you are not alone.

One more thing…please feel to quote harmful AA quotes right from the books or the slogans spewed ( like I did above) so others can see how religious and how nuts AA really is in todays terms.

Thanks. Have a great Sunday. Im going swimming now. Need a break!

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Remember 13 stepping if it begins IN A MEETING is Sexual Harassment, is illegal in the USA , is against our civil rights. SO as he /she flirts with you, harasses or touches you be sure to get his or her FULL NAME. Knowledge is power. But if no action is taken they can harass, rape, molest and kill another member. If a crime if committed …do what Keeper says “CALL THE LAW.”

AA is NOT a secret Society.

AA is a huge Multi Million dollar non profit that brings in over $12,000,000 million dollars a year.

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