Phillip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46 …May he Rest … Alcoholics Anonymous Mentality kills another Talented Person with its Bullshit 1935 Lies

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First off to Phillip…I am so sorry that you passed this way and that you believed what AA told you after many years of being clean …I’m sorry those steppers did what they did to you. (filming you in a meeting crying and putting it on youtube. That  is unforgivable) Im sorry for your wife and children left behind. I loved your acting and your powerful spirit.

AA is NOT the Last house on the block anymore. Smart Recovery, SOS, Moderation and The Sinclair method are viable options.

AA is not the only game in town.

AA is filled with lies aka…”if you fail you are domed to jails , institution and death.” This is such bullshit.

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CHAPTER 5 from The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous- Is it just one big LIE ? Whose ASKING?

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DEPROGRAMMING from AA and any other 12 step cult. Page 1. The first thing I heard as I sat in rooms the last 5 months was that all of a sudden it felt like the literature was really off base, filled with lies and antiquated. SO I started my blogtalkradio show SAFE RECOVERY and I took apart the literature.. you can read it there, and I wrote my own version, but this is my own brain, trying to make sense of something that makes no sense. Here we go…

Rarely have we seen  a person …any person who throughly followed Bill Wilson’s path. For if they did, they would have to be clinically depressed for 20 years of their time spent in AA.

They would have to take LSD for a few years to seek cure for alcoholism even though he didnt drink for 20 or so years when he started the LSD treatment. He would have been shunned and judged in today’s AA and have to start over with his time, which is a very important part of the AA hierarchy  of today.

Rarely have we seen a person follow this path. Those who do recover usually fail to completely commit themselves entirely to the wills and wants of this programs sacred leaders and unassailable dogma, usually men and women who are constitutionally capable of absorbing Bullshit.

He says: You are someone who is constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves. ( So in plan speak Bill is calling you a sociopath) At every meeting you attend for the rest of your life you will be told this extremely negative phrase and you are expected to take it in and absorb it as truth. ) Sounds kinda destructive to me…

They are such unfortunates. But wait….you are not at fault. He gets you off the hook here. You were BORN THAT WAY! Really Bill? From birth, all of us sweet little babies….we were born broken? Long before we were hit, abused, molested….WTF Bill? Sorry Bill, I don’t think so! You have no natural capacity to be rigorously honest with yourself. ( Is he calling you a sociopath again?) hmmmm I think so. Then he talks about those who have emotional and mental disorders but gee wiz fellas….you too can recover if you can be honest. Now he doesn’t say “In recovery” he says “recover”.

Now here is one of the biggest manipulations used….If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it. Get what Bill? Sanity….not drinking like you did…moderation….switching from drinking to screwing newcomer woman…cheating on Lois…..creating a fake company and selling stock when no such company existed? Thats fraud…BILL…..Thats go to jail fraud Bill.

Okay , so you make the decision you want what we have, hmmm kinda creepy in todays sexual predator filled rooms, but okay, then you are ready to take certain steps. Now he begs us to be fearless and thorough...I guess like he was.….and that we have to let go of our old ideas …the result would be nil, until we let go absolutely. SO here is where it gets so culty to me.

He now tells us that we have to REMEMBER, that alcohol is cunning, baffling, powerful….really…I think it’s a beverage. A beverage with alcohol in it in different proportions.

When Bill was going through this, prohibition had just eneded and the temperance movement was huge. Alcohol was considered evil. Now Bill was blaming you, me, himself. Demon Rum got off the hook. It was you, me and Bill who were f**ked up now. not alcohol the beverage. Get it….Im sure the booze industry loved this guy.

But now he gets all religious on us. “WITHOUT HELP IT IS TOO MUCH FOR US! But there is ONE who has all power- that one is GOD. MAY YOU FIND HIM NOW!”

OMFG- Now, this is a religion. SO how is any Judge in the land sentencing people to this cult? Oh  boy, we have our work cut out for use….But wait there is more.

Half measures availed us nothing. Again he refers to GOD, that we need protection from HIM….he is talking about God  here, not a lightbulb, I am sure of it.

AND finally here are the steps we took, which are suggested as a program of recovery. NOT “RECOVERING” forever!!!!

OK Im tired now. That was exhausting. Just kidding. It was fun to get it out of my head.

But clearly, if you are leaving, take any part of the literature, write it out and talk back to it using your sane brain which btw you have not lost!!! and post it here or journal privately like some bloggers prefer to do to help deprogram.

Love u guys and gals. :)bloggers:)))




So why did he try it. Was he still having cravings

Abstinence vs Moderation Are AA Members Lying, smoking weed, etc… and even Drinking and Still Taking Cakes?


Anon, a resident blogger here has been documenting his journey, leaving AA,  after being abstinent in AA for 17 years. He is successfully moderating and proving AA’s…jails, institutions and  death, and destruction projection are all hogwash.

What would a meeting look and sound like if perhaps 25% of the room came out and told such stories, stating that they could take it or leave it, that AA and its 12 steps didn’t really help with life issues anymore after years of not drinking  and in fact staying in AA a long time made them feel so uptight and angry it was unbearable, so they drink moderately, smoke pot moderately, take pills here and there and do what ever…..moderately. Anon…you got me thinking and it would be a very funny scene for sure !!!:) Would they start cross talking and yelling at each other. Would there be a brawl like in an old western movie? Chairs flying….women yelling….Cowboy hats ….old western bar fight

I found his last two posts very insightful and I felt they need to be put here on the front page.

  1. Today is a good day to check into ye ole Moderation forum for an update. Moderate drinking after 35 years exposure and 15 years abstinence in AA? No problem what so ever. No signs of disease, compulsion, and no aspiration for self inflicted incarceration in the AA concentration camp, Stalag 12.
    I have alcohol in the house and little desire to drink it. Occasionally it’s fun to have a drink and even get a bit tipsy. It’s not fun to drink every day or feel tired after even the slightest excess.
    I guess my point is this; drinking and tobacco are enjoyable unless they cause an ill feeling. I have no desire to use either through that point.

  2. I went out to eat the other day with an old-timer friend with deep roots in AA. Three of the five members at the table admitted to using either weed, hallucinogens and or prescription drugs to ease anger. All take cakes in AA; all are well adjusted, successful, and wealthy.