Recovery Road- Another AA TV Show on ABC – Does Religious Propaganda aka AA belong on TV

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I have been thinking about this question for a few months now. When the TV show MOM went over the top about 12 step AA work a few weeks ago I took pause and this possible? Yesterday  I was just watching some TV  and I saw that ABC Family is launching a new show taken from a book of “Recovery Road.” The new drama, based on the popular young-adult novel by Blake Nelson, focuses on a teenage girl dealing with addiction. We saw the Ad on TV yesterday and we almost shit….Once again a Bullshit circle , which btw in most places doesn’t exist. There are rows of metal chairs squished together. And some batshit older Menopausal women in control…OR …a sleezy 60 year old sexual predator, or creepy old timer lurking, as well.

Laura San Giacomo is going to actually play an AA sponsor- GAG— not about Laura- I love her acting, but the idea that another show like MOM ( CBS by Executive Producer Chuck Lorre) will be on our TV brainwashing more children, teenagers and parents.

It’s  beginning to feel outrageous to me the level of POWER- CONTROL- BRAINWASHING going on in Hollywood and in our TV Culture by AA members. They are in our Courts too. They are in the FAA. Who knew?

Even Josh Fox , The Academy Award Wining filmmaker who made GASLAND and GASLAND 2 was up against the  Natural GAS giants, and he got press. he got on HBO – he got his film in theaters.

Is AA and its members more powerful and infested then The Natural Gas Industry?

I would have to say YES– a big fucking YES> Way bigger then Scientology as well. Bigger then the Catholic Church- Not in Members…AA has 1.2 mil they SAY in  North America. I doubt this fact as I have personally seen huge meetings all over the country shrinking. And do they count how many are coerced there as MEMBERS?  They- the DUI forced people are NOT MEMBERS. They put no money in the basket and they will not take a “service commitment” .

There are 1 billion Catholics in the world. But one is not sent to MASS for a DUI.

A nurse is not sent to MASS for  screwing up. A pilot is not sent to MASS for drinking too much. A doctor is not sent to MASS for taking his own drugs. SO…where does that lead us…I am not sure.

Those who have been harmed need to come forward like the BILL COSBY rape scandal.

So if you were  sexually harassed, your child molested, if you were raped,  scammed for money, and a family member was targeted and killed by an AA member— and you are reading this….consider contacting me and lets get talking…I mean really talking- writing letters to journalists and to our representatives. Writing letters to TV shows LIKE MOM and telling Chuck Lorre what happened to YOU in AA by an AA member. Maybe write letters to DICK WOLF who has taken on an AA problem in an episode on LAW & ORDER SVU – titled RAPIST ANONYMOUS ….maybe he will hear us.

Attention Lawyers and Judges- How Can Sex offenders and violent offenders be sent to Alcoholics Anonymous when they know there are no safety policies in place?


How is this happing?


Don’y they know…no one is on charge in an AA meeting.

Why do they ask about sponsors. Sponsors are nobody. They could be a control freak and loser and why would our courts even tell someone they have to go to AA or go to Jail.

Im in Ohio and I am so shocked by what I was just told in my interview …being forced to go to a place where the judges are also sending rapists and pedophiles.

Richard Bradford, Murder Parolee, Ran Drug Rehab Center Endorsed By Mayor Villaraigosa By Dennis Romero Wed., Mar. 13 2013

jamesedward heard

A murder convict on parole who’s been off the radar since 1980 was arrested in Monrovia over the weekend, state officials announced today.



And what has Richard Bradford been up to? According to the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), he’s been running “a high-end drug rehabilitation center” that happens to boast of commendations from L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other city leaders.Bradford has been posing as a man named James Edward Heard via a “false” birth certificate from 1977 and subsequent social security number issued in that name the next year, state prison officials say.

The CDCR states:

Bradford began using the name James Heard off and on beginning in the mid 1980’s, and by 1992 Richard Bradford disappeared on paper.

He was paroled in 1978 and fell off the map in 1980, allegedly failing to check in with parole officials, according to the CDCR.

Read the full story here…


Alcoholics Anonymous Member Safety Workshop in Lexington, Kentucky- local rapist loose in AA community -keeping it hush hush

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A blogger posted this on the blog here and I am hoping to bring it into the light.

PLEASE, PLEASE if you have been raped by an AA member you must go to the police. He does not get to rape you . He will rape someone else. Anonymity has nothing to do with breaking the law. This is not what any of the traditions mean. AA literature is NOT THE LAW.  AA IS NOT THE SKULL & BONES Society folks. AA’s writings were written in the 1940′s when rapists were not allowed alone with blacks and gays and prostitutes.

This what was posted:

There is going to be an AA Safety “workshop” put on by the two Districts in Lexington, Kentucky AA. I found this out very recently. I was also told that this workshop is in reaction to a woman being raped locally by another member. People I know also know the identities of the rapist and the victim, and went so far as to tell me I’ve been in a meeting with the rapist and probably know him as well; but they hide behind the misused concept of anonymity and will not tell me or anyone else who this person is. It appears though that the idea of CYA for safety is becoming more visible. I am hoping some good can come of it, at least the idea of there being a problem is starting to surface.