Registered Sex Offender released in 24 hours over 16 times Murders and Rapes his Grandmother









Watch video here:

Sex offenders routinely released from California jails, records show

By David Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations Unit
updated 3:22 PM EDT, Wed August 7, 2013
This story is so scary I felt it needs to be here as we are dealing with alot of sex offenders going to AA meetings and getting away with it.
This story has a heart breaking ending. Please post everywhere.


Alcoholics Anonymous Member Safety Workshop in Lexington, Kentucky- local rapist loose in AA community -keeping it hush hush

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A blogger posted this on the blog here and I am hoping to bring it into the light.

PLEASE, PLEASE if you have been raped by an AA member you must go to the police. He does not get to rape you . He will rape someone else. Anonymity has nothing to do with breaking the law. This is not what any of the traditions mean. AA literature is NOT THE LAW.  AA IS NOT THE SKULL & BONES Society folks. AA’s writings were written in the 1940′s when rapists were not allowed alone with blacks and gays and prostitutes.

This what was posted:

There is going to be an AA Safety “workshop” put on by the two Districts in Lexington, Kentucky AA. I found this out very recently. I was also told that this workshop is in reaction to a woman being raped locally by another member. People I know also know the identities of the rapist and the victim, and went so far as to tell me I’ve been in a meeting with the rapist and probably know him as well; but they hide behind the misused concept of anonymity and will not tell me or anyone else who this person is. It appears though that the idea of CYA for safety is becoming more visible. I am hoping some good can come of it, at least the idea of there being a problem is starting to surface.