A Sub Culture of 12 step groups mentality have undermined our society and weakened our integrity. Powerless or empowered?

i am not powerless

I seriously doubt that AA founders really wanted everyone to think they were powerless over everything.

or did they…

This is absurd. Although I know that Tom Powers from All Addicts Anonymous dealt with Sex in a way that he and Bill Wilson , Mr AA disagreed on. Bill W went on to be a massive 13 stepper. (sexual harassment specialist). Its a fact and quotes can be found in Francis Hartigan’s book.

I want to discuss this crazy ideoligy that is about  AA is a  Religion, but that has sadly seeped into our current culture. I know its been deemed “highly religious” already in 25 states in the US, but more from a cultural, social aspect is what I am questioning.

Maybe this is why the Agape church got so big. Maybe this is why “The Secret” sold millions. The people who are still lost but sober are looking for some sort of way to deal with the fact that AA and its punitive philosophy and powerless, negative labeling keeps one’s self esteem low forever.

Unless you see it, acknowledge it and do massive other work to change your core belief system one is stuck in a spinning rat wheel.

It’s unfortunate when I see really smart women come into the rooms nowadays  and cock there heads to the side like a puppy. Saying I just don’t get this powerless sh*&^%T.

Guess what ladies! It’s bullshit. SO run like the wind…to Smart Recovery, Secular for Sobriety, Hams Harm Reduction, moderation.org, or read a new good book about addiction like RECOVER! Stop thinking like an addict, The Sober Truth by Lance Dodes, Amy Lee Coys book, From Death DO I part, or Hank Hayes’ book called ” On Track & Beyond.”

I have observed that although in America we have been hijacked by a twisted baby cult called Alcoholics Anonymous with its wacky brainwashing techniques from the post prohibitionist 1930’s.  Sadly …this baby cult is quietly , anonymously, powerfully entrenched in our government, social services, criminal justice system, schools, medicine, aviation worlds.

Lucky for us…there are free blogs , Facebook and the internet. SO now when someone is unhappy with AA, they go home to their computers or get on their smartphones and type in  “is AA dangerous ” Is AA a cult” “.

I also have pitched my film to many in the International Documentary world, here in Toronto, so many , many people now know the truth about AA and I also know that AA has not conquered the WORLD!  Here are some new things I discovered. In Sweden AA is popular…In Germany they hate AA. There are many places where AA is not popular and even in Canada its does not controll their medicine or the treatment of addiction. and their social work  is also not controlled by AA, or its members, or Like MINDED DOCS!!!

This was an old post from stop 13 step in aa that I wrote from 2011…I have edited and updated. Happiness is being free from even a baby  cult! … LOL 🙂