Gabrielle Glaser Hammers Alcoholics Anonymous on THE DAILY BEAST ! GO Gabby!


One more round of Journalist , author  Gabrielle Glaser, of  “Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control”, of hard hitting what is wrong with AA, Karla Brada Murder and the passing of Elizabeth Pena. The Daily Beast contacted her and asked her to write a piece.

She even gave me a mention. Sweet !!! Thanks Gabrielle….

Elizabeth Peña and the Truth About Alcoholic Women

Read full story here and comment..the haters are out for sure…


KARLA BRADA’s Murder Pre Trial today…

karla pic

I sat in a courtroom all day today with Karla’s parents, Hector and Jaro, and her family and close friends listening to the beginning of her trial. I can not blog details but it was very hard to listen to the details of the coroner as he testified. I stopped breathing at one point I was so horrified, then I caught my breath and forced myself to take some deep breaths. I felt a huge wave of sadness fill me, then I looked to my right and each of the family members and friends had tears streaming down their faces. I took more deep breaths and continued listening.

When it was over I drove home on the 405 south (there was no traffic at 5pm ) and I was exhausted. I can’t imagine how they feel.

I think there are many aspects of what happened to her that will push our work, quicker and faster into the light and into the media and in effect make change.

  1. To make sure there is justice for Karla
  2. To educate the public and AA members that violent and sex  offenders are being sent there unknowingly…
  3. Make it illegal for the judges to use AA as a dumping ground
  4. Force AA/NA to be regulated
  5. Force AA to create safety polices
  6. Educate the public that there are 6 other free support options other then AA/NA
  7. Wake up the insurance industry (Blue Cross etc.) that they are being duped and ripped off along with average citizens by places that are flop houses and not real healing places
  8. Educate the public that AA is completely unregulated and a dangerous cultish like support group.
  9. That there are no trained facilitators like presented on network TV shows at all!

The good news is…that the Judge felt that there was enough evidence to move forward with the trial. Thank GOD!

Lawsuit Against Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Over The Murder Of AA Member Karla Brada

Karla Brada

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services and Santa Clarita Alcoholics Anonymous has been sued by the parents of murder victim Karla Brada.

Grieving parents say in court that their daughter was murdered by her sociopathic addict boyfriend because Alcoholics Anonymous concealed his history of domestic violence.

” The Mendezes say that AA showed a “reckless disregard for, and deliberate indifference … to the safety and security of victims attending AA meetings who are repeatedly preyed on at these meetings by financial, violent, and sexual predators like Earle.” AA has known for years that meetings “are repeatedly used by financial, sexual, and violent predators as a means to locate victims,” according to the lawsuit in Superior Court.

But nevertheless the organization has no “specific policies and guidelines concerning conduct of so-called ‘sponsors’” and does little to supervise them.”

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