What Would AN Ex Stepper Meet Up In Los Angeles, California Look Like? June 13, 2012

The is the first of it’s kind. Why do we need this? 

People have left for many reasons. ( here is the short list)

1. Its a Cult

2. They are closed minded

3. They have a wacky made up religion (a group of sick nuts can be your God too) LOL

4. Sponsors are dictators

5. They are filled with predators

6. 3rd Level Sex Offenders are being sentenced there

7. Its a 1939 Antiquated modality

8. They lie to themsleves

9. They read literature that is filled with Bullshit

10. They are not really your real friends

11. AA is filled with Violent criminals

12. A powerless philosophy is dangerous to ones psyche

13. They are only anonymous when it suits them best

14. They pay their employees hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Everyone else is guilted to work for free for the good of their sobriety.

15. It doesn’t work. Okay…it works for 1 % who go there….maybe….

16. “Despite what the AA literature says, people who need medications for mental illness will frequently be told to stop taking it, and it many treatment centers it is not even permitted.”