Were you Sexually asualted or raped by AA member William Beliveau, 64, guilty of one felony count of sexual penetration

of an adult woman while she was intoxicated, said Senior Deputy District Attorney Erik Nasarenko.

Two women pressed charges. There were many other women they reported to me out side the Courthouse today in Ventura. Will you come forward? contact us here.


Malibu, Newhall, Ventura County, Alcoholics Anonymous

Sex Abuse scandal. Pope says all of Society Must address this issue…..Does that include AA?

In 2000 The UK addressed Sexual predator issue in Alcoholics Anonymous when a memo from it’s head offices were leaked to The Guardian. In 2001 Australia addressed it Country wide and placed literature on it’s main website addressing it. So why does the Headquarters of Alcoholics Anonymous tell people when they call that it’s an outside issue and that they can not tell their members how to behave.
Really….maybe tell them you need to follow federal and state laws when it comes to Sexual Harrassment and rape. And when a father calls the NY office after his daughter was raped in NY by a Counselor that was an AA member working in treatment ( I wish I could find this family now) and this is what a paid high ranking employee said to that father of the daughter who was raped . “CAll the police . We have no comment. We have no opinion on outside issues.” I gasped as I was told this ┬áby an AA employee.
Instead they might show some humanity , some empathy, some support in being morally responsible….