DISGUSTING AA members harasses blogger Massive while recovery from Serious Disease and surgery.

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I have deleted most comments, but they are in the trash bin and can be resurrected at any time.


I -as many of you know have  been dealing with serious CANCER since September. I have just had another surgery. Although I usually don’t talk about my health here. But your comments are so telling of who and what you trolls and current AA members are I have decided to address it.

SO FUCK OFF with your lack of compassion not only for me but Karla’s parents whose child was murdered, Karen’s 4 year old son was raped by an AA man in an AA meeting and Brittany was a victim of Drug Sex Slavery IN Kentucky.  ALL highlighted in my film .

I do not give  a shit what you think.

Don’t  you ever write here again. I will go to the police with cyber bullying when I am well enough to drive my car. If its crosses State borders they it becomes an FBI case. SO —-

For those who are new here…putting a blog into moderation just means you can write something but it wont appear till I approve it.

God Bless all of you who are my friends and have supported me.

The rest of you assholes—- I know your kind from my 36 years in your stupid AA what ever the f**k you wanna call it.

WOMAN calls AA Central Office -Los Angeles- 1999 asks for help- Sexual Harassment ensues.


Today my cell phone rang…then hung up. Two minutes later that same # rang again. It hangs up faster then I can answer it. Now Five minutes pass and it calls again. This time I say Hi…hello and a woman says  ..”.hi Monica….it s me…so and so…I wrote you an email this morning…you gave me your number.”

So we talk for some 30 minutes. She doesn’t feel okay with writing it herself, but asked me to blog it . She gave me permission and I will keep her privacy.

She got sober at 32. After 14 years she relapses. They tell her to not take her medication for depression. She is not doing well. She is drinking again in that AA way. She calls the Los Angeles, CA Central Office. A man picks up the phone. She talks. Soon a man comes to her home alone. She has been drinking. He has sex with her.

Now I gasp and she is saying “well, its my fault I was drinking”, I say “no its not your fault…He should never have hit on you”. She tells me how she keeps hearing “whats your part in it?” I tell her “Its not your fault.” “That fucking pig”  I yell through my iPhone.

“OMG- do you want to sue”  I ask her. No she says, I have never told anyone but one other person this all these years.

We talk some more. ? What is his name, what did he look like,” I ask her.  I realized I may have know him through my General Service work. “Did he rape you?”  I ask. “No”  she says with more soft words about how she always blamed herself yet knew that something terribly wrong happened. She could never share it in a meeting either.

Recently, she went to a meeting and left feeling worse then before. She went home , turned on her computer an began to search into google and …poof….she found me. She didn’t feel okay about writing publicly here. She is now 60 years old and ….we emailed this morning and I gave her  my number right away.

This stuff has to be exposed . She said she wanted me to post it so maybe it will help someone else. Will it?

ARE YOU out there reading?  Maybe you were raped. Maybe you are ready to sue AA’s ass and go to the police or rape center.  I will go with you if you need me to. I will protest out side a meeting where a know rapist is preying. This shit needs to be written up in a major newspaper and talked about on TV. How will that happen?



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As Tom Horvath said on HUFF LIVE a few weeks ago. SMART if it continues to grow like it is now will be bigger then AA in 10 years. What do you think?

Its also a fact that meetings are closing and many old timers have left. Many women won’t go back after 1 meeting because of sexual harassment. Many men are leaving because of controlling sponsors.

this is who will be left in AA in 2023

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Sex Offender Arrested and sent to Jail in Polson, Montana for violating his parole.

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Sean Calahan was a sex offenders who got his way and plea bargained his out of jail card and was attending AA meetings. While attending he was taking advantage of new women in AA because he said they were easy prey ” wrote his parole officer in the report.

Read the whole story here… http://leaderadvertiser.com/news/article_201455de-7e9f-11e1-9514-0019bb2963f4.html

This is the very thing we are discussing and object to with AA. Its Own AA World Headquarters, likes to bury it’s head in the sand and do nothing to protect the unknowing public as well as it’s current members.

How does a NON- Profit get away with this sort of thing? If you have been a victim of this man or any other man like this, please contact us here for support.