I love “SHAMELESS” on SHOWTIME- BUT they don’t get The Narcotics Anonymous stuff right– or do they.


When I left AA over four…almost five years ago, I thought AA just needed some safety policies, some pamphlets and  warnings that violent men were getting court ordered to AA, which was unknown to AA members and the public at large.

But almost five years later I am still in shock how much AA is controlling America our TV Show and film and our court system. How we view addictive behavior. How the FAA extorts Pilots to AA and expensive rehab. How The Board of Nursing is infested with extorting nurses to AA for 5 years,  three times a week. How they have professionalized an Asshole AA sponsor, as if they are someone important.

Does anyone really think that AA sponsors are smarter then you . Do they think  they are professionals like  REAL therapists who have  PHD’s?  WHY do reporters ever call AA meetings….AA sessions? Holy mother of god— when will this shit stop.

I was watching Shameless tonight , now filled with a Stepper heroin addict thread line,  that Fiona is fucking. Not Dating…btw——so like an  AAer….the actor who is playing this guy I’m sure is a stepper in real life he plays the character so well. ( I’m not really sure) sorry Kyle if you are reading this.

Then I watched, no—–  fast forwarded through an HBO Documentary about Heroin in Massachusetts. It was like a 71 minute commercial for Narcotics ANONYMOUS— UGHHHHHH…..I wanted to throw up ….What a piece of crap this movie was.

Here’s the deal…sometimes I feel like we are making head way…I don’t know why I would think that…nothings really changed in any court room that I know about.

Well we did get on CBS 48 HOURS— that s a big deal and that is some headway– we got on Katie Couric. Gabrielle’s New York Times Bestseller does document my story and my work while I was in AA those last two years…so that’s a big deal.

Gabrielle Glaser is making headway back east, God bless her, talking to Doctors in Hospitals, but out here in Fairly Godmother land of AA and the Goliath Hollywood stepper GALORE palace of bullshit…I wonder – how will we knock AA out the park, into the trash where it belongs and start using real science and medicine for addictive behaviors. I am not sure.

SO- I will continue on my path and see what we can accomplish over the next few months.

WHY AA Doesn’t Work by Justin Hoffman- guest blogger

DJ Justin Hoffman Is Helping Addicts the Holistic Way – See more at: http://vegasseven.com/2015/09/30/dj-justin-hoffman-helping-addicts-holistic-way/#sthash.XyEyTNwm.dpuf

as posted on FACEBOOK by Justin Hoffman on the BERNIE SANDERS Thread. I loved how Justin just kept this simple.

He wrote:

  • Ummmm how AA doesn’t work would take paragraphs but we’ll do the short version.
  • Calling yourself negative names such as addict, alcoholic, powerless all have been proven to be unhealthy
  • Shame and guilt are ineffective
  • What disease is cured by praying?
  • Why allow court ordered criminals such as sex offenders? Rapists?
  • Why is 97% failing?
  • Why does AA refuse to do anything to protect members?
  • AA says it isn’t religious but God is mentioned 8 times in the steps and hundreds in the book
  • AA pays its board members half a million dollar salaries that are collected in the basket
  • Blaming the addict is incredibly unhealthy and AA wants you to find your part. Yeah…
  • Shame and guilt from AA has led to many deaths

Alcoholism isn’t a disease and if u read the article above u can see why.

When it comes to greeting addiction -AA is stuck in the 30s and the rest of the world has moved forward. You ever ask yourself why AA isn’t as popular in other countries? They laugh at it and don’t understand why with all the advancements in treating addiction that we rely on FAITH HEALING. That’s what it is my friend and what disease is cured with sitting in a church basement whining about your past?