Man robbed of car at knifepoint after AA meeting- Texas

ANOTHER Alcoholics Anonymous member shows violence, tries to stab someone and is leaving an AA meeting. Thank GOD for these journalists who are now reporting on this subject.  ( Just a note- there is no such thing as an AA class.) But it shows that many journalists don’t know that. They don’t know that AA is NOT a professional anything.

SO- how can so many millions Americans be court ordered there by a Judge?

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A 42-year-old man has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon for stealing a man’s car after asking for a ride in Harris County on April 5, according to police.

Police said Jose Luis Olivares-Bernal had been in an Alcoholics Anonymous class on Jensen Drive. After the class, he asked another person from the class for a ride.

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They were on Kowis Street when Olivares-Bernal

pulled a knife and put it to the man’s side, demanding him to stop the car. The man stopped the car and handed over his cellphone, wallet and car.

Olivares-Bernal then left the scene eastbound on Kowis Street. The man called police and filed a report.

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Bradley Cooper _ Stepper- Stars in More AA propaganda Films- BURNT in Theaters soon


SO whose Idea is this. Was it Bradley Coopers, The writers, the Producer, the Director?

Whoever hooked up Stepper Bradly Cooper with this story is all about Sobriety BS Propaganda. =Even the Ads are geared towards steppers…..

Does the studio really think there are enough followers to fill the theaters?

The 13th Step – Screening in San Francisco , Saturday August 15th

We are happy to remind everyone that The 13th Step will be screening in San Francisco this Saturday at 5:45 pm in The Mission @ The Voiceless International Film Festival , Voiceless_Filmfest_Poster_13_Steps_1

Shock Treatment from Prison- The Fix article worth reading- equally shocking

I just read this article that a woman from prison wrote on the fix. How does that happen. I guess she is allowed a pencil and some paper. I am wondering who these abusive asses might be who are doing the belittling and screaming.

Sounds like Scared Staright but they are being paid to do it. And Yes many of those in the abusive TEEN INDUSTRY WERE AA members and they had the 8 AA steps on the wall. I was just outraged when I read this…so I’m posting it here.

Shock Treatment in Prison

By Rhain Mae 06/03/15

There were substance abuse classes, strenuous physical training, and a strict set of rules and regimens. But shock won’t take anyone who is being treated for a mental health issue.



If shock camp is our best hope for reforming incarcerated addicts, then New York State has a big problem.

I cannot speak for everyone. Perhaps, there are a few people who have benefited from the program (although I doubt it). All I can speak for is my own experience.

I received a sentence of 21/3 to 7 years for a drug-related crime in 2012. After winding my way through county jail, and through the reception and classification phase of prison, I ended up in Brocton, NY, at Lakeview Shock Incarceration Center. It was mandatory in order for me to be released.

The program is supposed to be geared toward people with addiction problems. There were substance abuse classes, strenuous physical training, and a strict set of rules and regimens. In exchange for abiding by those strictures, eligible inmates served just six months instead of whatever their sentence may have been. You just have to survive shock.

Running, drug treatment—that doesn’t sound so bad, right? Not so fast. The whole premise seems flawed.

Although shock is geared toward treating addiction, many addicts—and many inmates in general—have mental health issues. However, shock won’t take anyone who is being treated for a mental health issue. Now, the problem with this picture is that shock is the only program that can get you released early. That’s a pretty strong incentive. So what do we do? We stop taking our mental health meds. As it turns out, you don’t have to nothave mental health issues, you just have to not be in treatment for any mental health issues.

This was the case for me and for countless other women who also went to Brocton. The result is that the state ends up taking inmates with depression, debilitating anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress and putting them into a mentally and physically demanding military-based training program.

Like a lot of the women I met there, I didn’t need a military-based training program to break me. I was already broken.

Zero weeks wasn’t so bad. That’s the two weeks at the very beginning designated for physical torture. That I could handle. It was the mental and psychological aspect of it that got me.

The drill instructors, who are supposed to be responsible for your safety and rehabilitation, are sadistic. They will judge you and humiliate you based on your appearance and whatever information they have in their records. They give everyone the same cookie cutter treatment, aiming to break you down in order to build you back up.

I was told that I was a privileged little white girl who manipulated the judge into giving me shock because of my rich family. None of that is true. What’s more, none of it is productive for recovery.

I grew up in a one-bedroom apartment until my mother met my stepfather, and shortly after that we watched him die of cancer. It could have been worse, but my life was not the cushy, privileged existence the drill instructors strangely threw in my face, like a cookie cutter insult. (I am white and I am female, though, so at least they were right about the basics.)

The worst part is that you cannot stand up for yourself. If I were to open my mouth at all, that would be considered feedback and I would be punished. So I had to suck it up and try to do my program with the drill instructors relentlessly trying to “teach me a lesson.”

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Cops and Alcoholics Anonymous – Police Officers and AA Coercion…WOW What a JOKE…these guys are NOT Powerless

They do not look like they are powerless to me. The suicide numbers are very high with police officers. Can you imagine being sent to AA after you know how many criminals are being sent there.

cops pic

Really….If you are a police officer and you are being coerced to a religious organization by your Union please contact us here.

Then tell them no thanks buddy boy!


YOU can attend

Smart Recovery


Moderation Management

and Hams Harm Reduction

The Sinclair Method may be a better fit

Women for Sobriety





Pacific Health System Has to Pay 2.3 Million to Boys Who Were Molested By 12 Step Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor Volunteer –

$2.3M to victims in rehab sex abuse suit

By Kristina Davis JUNE 27 2014


SAN DIEGO — A San Diego jury awarded nearly $2.3 million this week to two boys who were sexually abused by a volunteer at a National City rehabilitation clinic.

Wednesday’s verdict ended a 15-day trial against Pacific Health System, which operates an outpatient facility treating substance abuse and mental illness.

The boys were 13 when they were victimized by Robert Poizner,  robert_poiznerpic a volunteer and mentor who was tasked with driving the patients to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Instead, he took them to his apartment, molesting them and providing them with drugs for a roughly yearlong period, according to the 2011 complaint.

The abuse also occurred during overnight hotel and apartment stays, the suit says.

Poizner, 44, was convicted of 24 counts of sex abuse against children. He is serving a sentence of 82 years to life in prison.

The lawsuit alleges that Pacific Health put Poizner in a position of power despite his own history of substance abuse and previous criminal convictions. The victims were particularly vulnerable, the lawsuit says, because the boys suffered from psychological problems along with substance abuse.

The jury deliberated for two and a half days before reaching a $6.5 million verdict, but also found that Poizner and, to a much lesser degree, one of the boys’ parents shared some of the responsibility for the conduct, thus reducing the amount Pacific Health owed. The jury found that Pacific Health owed one boy $975,000 in damages and the other $1.3 million.

“We are hoping outcomes with civil remedies for the victims force these facilities to do extensive background checks and more efficient supervision on their volunteers,” the boys’ attorney, Stephen Estey, said in a statement.

Pacific Health’s attorney, Douglas Guy, said Friday that it was premature to comment on the verdict.


Michael Botticelli is a stepper, an AA member, promoting his agenda in our White House and in our government Holy Sh**T …What about their sacred traditions anonymity at the level of press, radio and film and internet?

Michael Botticelli Becomes ONDCP


If you are a person, woman, man or teen who is assaulted by an AA member, you may be  told ” we can’t tell you his name” we are anonymous…but when AA and its ego driven member want to promote their agenda, their black & white thinking from 1939, that has never been updated, vetted, or researched they take all the stops out.

I am so ….about all this…so I guess we need these films to come out and tell the world what AA really is and that there are other free, science based, secular options available.

And we need to shine the light on this monster called AA.

Here is the lastest from our White House website…

Deputy Director

Michael Botticelli was sworn in as ONDCP Deputy Director on November 27, 2012. Mr. Botticelli has more than 20 years of experience in the treatment and recovery field, including service as Director of the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. He has served in leadership roles for the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors and was a member of the Advisory Committee for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention as well as the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. In 2008, he was the first recipient of the annual Ramstad/Kennedy National Award for Outstanding Leadership in Promoting Addiction Recovery and, in 2012, was awarded the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors’ Service Award. Mr. Botticelli is in long- term recovery from addiction, celebrating more than 24 years of sobriety.

There are seven other free options and they are Smart Recovery, The Sinclair Method, MM Moderation Management, SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety), Women for Sobriety, LifeRING, and Hams Harm Reduction for Alcohol.

Google is AA safe, google Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Why I Hate Alcoholics Anonymous _ let me count the ways…


aa symbolpicThis was a post from the winter ….I felt it belongsAA meeting here…

The post about Chuck C testifying in front of a sub committee meeting really got to me… so here I am blogging …
It made me so mad again! Damn it …

I hate AA because I was brainwashed at 18 when I already stopping drinking on my own
I almost left AA at 19 when my life was getting worse from AA after I was 13  stepped by some middle aged dirt bags, but they told me

“it gets worse before it got better”

I shook my head and said I thought you mean when you drank…I have been sober all this time. They were always trying to convince me I belonged there.
                                         “Identify….don’t compare…”

What about your     “yets”        they would say….

When an oldtimer told me

                   “you feather them first , then hit them over the head with a hammer!”

I said what?      he said …

                            “you break them down and then build them up”
Those fuckers!!!!

I was 13 stepped a few times. I was so young…Those fucking sick pricks.
I told my kids shit that hurt them in regards to drinking…more lies.
I hate that I gave so much of my time was I as in my early 20’s. I can never get those years back.
Those fuckheads!!!

I considered myself in AA for way too f**king long ….36 years…omg I’m so embarrassed about this again. How can I undo this….I cant….so what do I do….I make a film ..I expose their asses…I go on National TV and get others to expose the truth …I make my radio shows  and interview smart professionals and authors… and I am going to go inside and stir the shit up ……you wait and see…..someone has to tell the truth about what is really going on in AA, in our courts, in our medicine and in our rehabs!

Im trying to take a little break and then back to work after the new year. But still I blog….




Richard Bradford, Murder Parolee, Ran Drug Rehab Center Endorsed By Mayor Villaraigosa By Dennis Romero Wed., Mar. 13 2013

jamesedward heard

A murder convict on parole who’s been off the radar since 1980 was arrested in Monrovia over the weekend, state officials announced today.



And what has Richard Bradford been up to? According to the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), he’s been running “a high-end drug rehabilitation center” that happens to boast of commendations from L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other city leaders.Bradford has been posing as a man named James Edward Heard via a “false” birth certificate from 1977 and subsequent social security number issued in that name the next year, state prison officials say.

The CDCR states:

Bradford began using the name James Heard off and on beginning in the mid 1980’s, and by 1992 Richard Bradford disappeared on paper.

He was paroled in 1978 and fell off the map in 1980, allegedly failing to check in with parole officials, according to the CDCR.

Read the full story here…