Bellingham man, 64, charged with molesting girl at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting-Breaking NEWS-Whatcom County Jail report for March 5, 2013

“ITS an outside issue”……This is what we heard all the time when we brought our MAKE AA SAFER PAMPHLET to meetings to get discussions started to raise awarenesss.

NEWS FLASHthis toddler was molested in a meeting. I am so sorry for these children. How many more children need to be molested by AA men in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings


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Simple Reasons to Leave Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. Sexual harassment, rampant going on in AA for 75 years and still going on by older trusted respected AA men
  2. Rape – going on forever in AA. Rarely are they reported
  3. Murder- By men sent to AA instead of jail.
  4. Indentured servitude (against the law by the 14th amendment) by Clancy and his clones for free honey doos…doing servant type work for free because Clancy or someone sober 20 years is their sponsor. Disgusting!
  5. Children molested by sober men who date sober women
  6. Millions of dollars stolen form innocent trusting AA members by old timer men with slick silver hair and slick silver tongues.
  7. Ancient literature repeated endlessly that corrupts and destroys a healthy ego and self esteem of good men and women who trust that AA is still a good thing
  8. thousands committing suicide because of AA bullying and degrading of members when they “slip” or drink again.
  9. The insanity of reading Chapter 5, The Preamble and the 12 Traditions at every meeting most of which are lies and harmful to ones self worth yet they wont implement Safety measures for youth and teens and women .

Is that enough? Still not sure…visit to read many of them there.
Consider options ;  SMART Recovery & SOS, are non AA, abstinence based programs. There is Marc Kern, Moderation Management, Hams Harm Reduction and Donna Cornett www.Drink Link Moderation. They have online meetings ( SMART has online chat meetings daily and over 600 meetings worldwide. ) Call Steven Slate and St Judes Retreat in NY for contemproary answers. Dr Mary Ellen Barnes and Dr Ed Wilson in California for non 12 step solutions. 

Always thinking outside the box. ALways looking for a refreshing solution that work. I would NEVER send my sons or any friend to ANY 12 STEP PROGRAM.


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SOS -Secular for Sobriety- Save ourselves-has been around for 27 years. After Jim was unhappy with the AA model he created his own support groups and a new program which has  a refreshing option other then 12 step. I will attend a meeting in two weeks in Hollywood so I can meet Jim and perhaps we can spread the word of more choices along with Smart, WFS, Rational, On Track and Beyond and Amy Lee Coy’s way and Kenneth Anderson -Harm Reduction and