THE 13th Step on SALE on VIMEO –

Get your copy digitally of The 13th Step at red hot prices. $1.99 rent for (72 hours) $5.99 to buy.

NEW Documentary in the Making Exposing Sexual Predation and Criminal Activity in Alcoholics Anonymous.

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I am finishing up the Documentary film we have been working on for almost two years. The activism  work has been  on going since January of 2009.

It will be released in 2013. Perfect for its tittle…The 13thStep….

Anyone who has been a victim of sexual harassment, assault, rape, wrongful death, and even financial scams please contact us ASAP. 

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I am also interested in stories about sponsor control and abuses. You can send me letters that actors will read on camera. You can be presented in the light or anonymous. In the light is better but I will consider all stories.

I m working on my trailer right now and plan to be done with it by mid March. I am considering using Kickstarter to raise funds, considering how many I think have left AA furious. The trailer will be put up on youtube or vimeo as soon as I am done with it.

Please post on all the anti AA sites that you know of. Thanks!