SHAMELESS on SHOWTIME continues to pound its Narcotics Anonymous Propaganda


Dear John Wells- Writers and Producers- Show-runners of SHAMELESS on SHOWTIME-

Okay, we love the show-

From Fiona to Lip— I love this crazy ass family- Kevin’s Bar- Debbie getting pregnant and fighting to keep the baby – Bill Macy’s love affair with the dying cancer lady in last season…I cried– OMG I loved her — what an amazing actress- what a wonderful thread that was —-

but this NA character played by ( Dermot Mulroney)  and isn’t he 30 years older then Fiona ? —

So his character who was in NA when she met him has to call his f**king sponsor to ask him if he can sh*t or not…but you made Fiona out to be the predator— not—-likely—-in real NA culture.

Really —- guys— a 53 year old man, who has a kid, who runs a diner, has to ask a lay person who is untrained what to do ? NA and AA are not the only game in town, but even a great show like this where you wonder if the writers really like NA or not …

still they treat it like “sliced bread” …..aka “the only game in town”, which we know it’s not.

Like — when are you gonna bring the guns down and expose 12 step for the shit bag place it really is.

New FOX SHOW “RAKE” airs Friday Nights at 8pm -Starring Greg Kinnear Is a SURE ANTI AA- anti Stepper MUST SEE NEW SHOW!!!

Greg Kinnear pic

I love this show !!!!!!! You go Greg Kinnear!

Recently an attorney we are working with told me he thought of me when he saw this episode, because of the AA references and  they are not flattering either. They really make fun of AA like I have never seen before. I watched an episode that aried last week called 3 strikes.  WATCH on …Laughing!!!