ATTENTION: Class action Lawsuit being prepared for Pilots Extorted and Forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings though HIMS Program.

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Please contact Pilot,  Brent Weyhrauch, for all matters regarding coercion, and forced attendance to AA. If you or any pilot you know is being forced to attend and AA based rehab, which is all they know, you can fight back. There is a group of lawyers who have come together to sue on behalf of Pilots…

The FAA and their airline companies. Please contact Brent right away if you are a pilot and were coerced and extorted to attend AA.

When did it become okay to forced Pilots, to a religious, lay person, unregulated pod of people, and dangerous criminals.

A place with no regulations, no safety rules, no accountability, no science, and no trained leaders.

We are coming together to stop this insanity.

The “ASAM “American Society of Addicted Medicine is all Stepper Sh**T…did you know that?


I know they sound official. I know they think they are in charge. I know they think they are different. I know they think they know what is right for everyone, but really…a 1935 religious conversion cultish institution that is FULLY and I mean fully embedded in our medicine , The FAA and aviation. WOW …holy shit… I thought coercion when you got a DUI was bad. I thought sentencing a sex offender was bad and it is, but what I have uncovered is quite …fucking madness. I will not mince words here, because this is some scary shit.

So who are these guys? Are they special ninja addiction Doctors…. Nope. Are they specially trained for alcohol dependency? …nope… Are they trained in Japan with ancient warriors who fight voodoo bad guys addicted to alcohol? Nope.

They are all f **king steppers who think they are better then the rest. They are in control ….and they love it …Are they good men? Are they kind and loving and so they know how to make good coffee and clean ashtrays from the 1970’s.

DO they serve canned Carnation milk and white sugar with their coffee in plastic cups served up in plastic brown holders? OMFG … I hate that shit. Don’t you ?

Everyone needs to know and we need a reporter to tell at least this part of the story. I will be telling it in a segment of my film , but this story breaks the whole damn thing wide open.

ANY Doctor, Pilot, Lawyer, Nurse , or CPA who has lost their license and is being told they HAVE to GO TO an AA rehab and then go see an AA psych  sponsor, and then go to AA meetings can please hire a lawyer and sue their asses. Call me if you have any questions.


be strong, be fearless, be powerful and fight back !


The White House Website, Endorsing Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and CA. Will they be endorsing Scientology Next?

the white house

Here is the link…

Get ready to vomit.

Many months ago we sent letters of warning to President Obama, Michele, VIce- President Biden,  jill Biden and Governor Jerry Brown.  We wrote about the dangers of AA meetings and its culture and the murder of Karla Brada and Kristine & Saundra case. We talked about children being molested and women and gay men being raped. We got no response. Hector and Jara got no responses either.

Who will be next …murdered by a court ordered violent offender …sent to AA instead of jail. I think the ACLU needs to be contacted about this DO you ?

Where’s our separation of Church and State in our 1 st Amendment. How did this get on here. Why is it on here. Who authorized it. Do they know what really goes on in AA, NA and CA?


                                   OFFICE OF NATIONAL DRUG CONTROL POLICY

Supporting Recovery

A wide range of services, program models, and supports are available to help individuals in recovery.

Mutual Aid

Mutual aid groups, also referred to as “self-help” or “support groups,” are run by people in recovery and support their members as they follow a recovery pathway. Examples of mutual aid groups include Twelve Step fellowships, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous. There is also other addiction recovery mutual aid options, including online resources. For more information, read the Mutual Aid Guide.