FILMING in Louisville, and Arkansas, then Bellingham for “The 13th Step”. Coming to a city near you…

MapspicHi. I am coming to these 5 cities over the following 4 weeks as we wrap up filming. .  If anyone wants to talk to me ,  please contact me at

Also… if you know a meeting that I should go to with Make AA Safer Pamphlet, please let me know. If you have any more information that you think I need to know please also contact us.

Please feel free to contribute to the fund…making a film is not cheap…  I have hired an editor and he is beginning to cut the film together. We need animation and motion graphics to be done next.

We have about 10 more days of filming left, some in Los Angeles and a many are in other cities. Bellingham, WA. Charlotte, NC, Little Rock, Arkansas, Louisville, Kentucky, St Louis, Missouri, Palm Springs, CA, West Covina and Los Angeles, CA.

If you, or anyone you know have been harmed and wants to talk to me please contact me asap. I don’t need anymore interviews but if you have been harmed and want help and want to talk please still contact me.

If you know any pilots, doctors, lawyers or the like who were coerced and against their will and sent to AA ….we are also very interested in adding this story to the movie.  If you know the name of a 13 stepper please email me that privately as well. When I am done with the film I am taking my files to the proper authorities.