Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Cult? Do AA Members ACT Like They Know It ALL?

Do they act and say things making one believe that  their way is the only way?

I have seen this in many forms. I think it…AA… is dangerous because many people need help and AA and its ideology is actually hurting poeple. Its just not true. The AA literature is filled with lies. People are not powerless. Alcohol over use is not a diease. AA is not the only way to stop, moderate or get help. AA is not the only form of free support self help groups.

Smart Recovery, SOS, Moderation Management and Hams Harm Reduction and Life RING are other choices. In 10 years if SMART continues to grow as it is, it will be bigger then AA. Amy Lee Coys Way is better, Hank Hayes was On Track and Beyond is better.

This is from the orange-papers and I felt it was time to share it here.

There are many aspects of a cult.