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Were you or a family member abused in a 12 step sober living or 12 step rehab that failed.

Were you 13 stepped?

Were you abused by your AA sponsor?

Were you raped by an AA member.

Are you a professional forced to go to AA for 3-5 years? Were you forced to JOIN and organization from 1935 against your free will?

Are you a Musician forced to go to an expensive rehab or no Record Deal ?

Did you lose your child to the AA cult thinking?

Did your loved one die in 12 step sober living or 12 step rehab?

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FYI There are many good options besides AA. SMART RECOVERY, Moderation Management, The Sinclair Method, ( with Naltrexone)  Harm Reduction.

WATCH One Little Pill by Claudia Christian, The Business of Recovery by Greg Horvath and my film The 13th Step by Monica Richardson all on AMAZON and Vimeo.

Kim Richards Sentenced in Target Shoplifting Case: Community Service, Probation and Alcoholics Anonymous

10/28/2015 AT 04:30 PM EDT

Kim Richards can officially move forward from her August arrest.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was sentenced Wednesday in her Target shoplifting case.

A Los Angeles judge order that Richards, 51, complete 300 hours of community service, three years probation and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. TMZ was the first to report the news.

She must also “continue treatment and follow recommendations for treatment including drug rehabilitation, therapy and medications,” according to the papers.

Kim Richards Sentenced to 52 Sessions of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Community Labor for Hotel Arrest


I really feel sorry for this lady. I bet she has no idea that there are no such things as AA   “Sessions” I hope she finds out. There are only AA meetings that are run by no one who is trained  and no one will warn her that AA meetings are not safe. That a man there may be a rapist who is getting away with it because of the Anonymity feature.

Some say Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult…a religious lay person support group…DUI Coercion Nightmare Must be exposed and Stopped!


SO… If it is a cult…sorta….and if it is “Highly religious” as 35 state courts have said it is…then how are 1.4 million Americans being forced, bullied, threatened, coerced to attend AA/NA meetings daily in DUI courts, every year,  as if AA were really an alcohol or drug treatment program?

With each piece of investigation that we uncover…the more I am horrified. How immeshed AA is with the DOJ, Probation, Criminal Justice, Judges, Lawyers, trickling down to government paid rehabs , using Medicare, government sanctioned Sober living ( bullshit house owned by shady AA members charging  lots of money for a shitty bed and prohibitionist rules) . Children have died in Sober Living , all over the country. Sober living is liken to flop houses of the 1920’s. There is no over sight, no regulations. Please see Wendy , Jarrods, Mother.  for her fight against sober living. Her son died in one.

The level of corruption with AA, Judges sentencing people to a religious lay person rouge meetings, with no safety polices, for a DUI offense is unconscionable.

I have been told that everyone who comes out of prison is also forced down this same AA rehab, sober living road. I was shocked when I first heard this. It’s true. Even people with no drug or alcohol problems, are forced into this system.

Who is making all the money?  I am digging. I think eventually we all need to write to very specific journalists.

SO I suggest you all get on twitter so when the time comes we can reach way more then 4 million, which is how many were on this site last year,  2014. There are 350 million Americans. This problem is going on in Canada, the UK is very bad, and numerous European countries . Australia and South America are very bad with sexual predatory criminal behavior. ..Never mind rapes, pedophilia and murders, many being covered up.

If you can write in another language , Please contact me and we will post on the front page  some posts in a few different languages.

Ideally, I would love to see FRONTLINE do a story. But I know for a fact there are stepper lovers there. But Courts and AA ordering… maybe someone there would see what is really happening.

Barry Hazle, Jr.and Attorney John Heller On Blog talk radio Next Tuesday December 9, 2014 @4:30pm PST

More details to come. Tune in LIVE!!!!

BarryHazleJr Cropped_pic

Barry A. Hazle Jr., Atheist, Wins Nearly $2 Million In Settlement Over Faith-Based Rehab Program

A California atheist has won a settlement of nearly $2 million after being sent to jail on a parole violation for objections he made about participating in a faith-based rehab program.

Barry A. Hazle Jr., 46, served time for a conviction of methamphetamine possession in 2007. As a condition of his parole, he was enrolled in a drug treatment program where participants were required to acknowledge a “higher power,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

Hazle complained and asked for a different treatment program, but was told the only option in his area was the faith-based, Westcare 12-step program, according to the Record Searchlight.

Hazle was sent back to jail for more than three months for allegedly being “disruptive, though in a congenial way, to the staff as well as other students” and being “sort of passive-aggressive,” the paper reported.

“I’m thrilled to finally have this case settled,” Hazle told the Searchlight. “It sends a clear message to people in a position of authority, like my parole agent, for example, that they not mandate religious programming for their parolees, and for anyone else, for that matter.”

Hazle sued in 2008 and won, but a jury refused to award him any damages. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals then threw out the decision. In a unanimous ruling, the three-judge panel said Hazle was entitled to compensation.

“The jury’s verdict, which awarded Hazle no compensatory damages at all for his loss of liberty, cannot be upheld,” Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote in the court’s opinion. “The jury simply was not entitled to refuse to award any damages for Hazle’s undisputable — and undisputed — loss of liberty, and its verdict to the contrary must be rejected.”

The state of California will pay Hazle $1 million, while Westcare will pay $925,000 under terms of the settlement, according to KRCR-TV.

Hazle told the Sacramento Bee he plans to become active in local drug rehabilitation efforts.

The California Department of Corrections has since issued new rules stating that parole officers may not require parolees to attend faith-based program