The Pacific Group, The Atlantic Group, Midtown and Toxic Meetings within Alcoholics Anonymous.

I was a member of the Malia Discussion Group in Hawaii from 1976 – 1983 when I moved away and came to California. After Harry Lake, ( the co-founder) AA Hawaii Delegate,  died, things really changed and many women were  no longer lovely dovey to Mary Lake his long time wife and partner in life. They were two fabulous Hawaiian oldtimers-AA people that I knew like family. monica_harry_age21

Big Richard is on my left and Harry is to my right. After Mary  died the meeting felt apart. In AA when the leader dies, so does the meeting. This is very true with big meetings. The Malia Discussion Group held on Thursday nights from 8-9:30 pm, began in Kalihi in 1976. It was held in a Community Center, near the Kalihi Palama Settlement. There  were eight of us. I was the youngest member of the group. Everyone else was over 40 I think…. I was 19. We soon moved into a High School Cafeteria at Kalakaua High School in a very local poor Hawaiian neighborhood located in Honolulu.

The group blossomed over a short time to over 200 people attending. No meeting on the island was this active and well attended. The format was after a 10-15 minute share, we divided up into 10 tables, with 10 leaders ( you had to be a home group member to be a leader) , and we spent the reast of the meeting talking. This way everyone got time to talk. Great idea we all thought, and it was.

Once a month was birthday night and all the birthday people got on stage to share.

This was my home group for years. We held Busniess meetings every month or as needed and we had many great group discussions. I thought all good meetings in AA were run this way.

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I think that the groups that PG has influenced are some of the worst meetings in AA and it’s culture. I agree that the smaller meetings were always better. Creeps hide in bigger meetings because they can.

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Here is how it could play out. I finally realized this , thanks to my assistant Val, who is also a coordinator for a small Art Museum here is Los Angeles, It was because of her training with the volunteers that we put two and two together.