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A show for the young and the old. If AA or any 12 step has not worked for you maybe there is hope. Tune in for a one hour show of honest in depth discussion on all the other fabulous choices for healing alcohol and drug over use.

There are many non 12 Step approaches to getting help from alcohol and drug overuse. SO why all the free propganda in some new big films like FLIGHT with Denzel Washington and SMASHED a small idie film? Is it possible that these actors, film makers and writers have no idea SMART and SOS and Moderation, Harm Reduction, Amy Lee Coys way, Hank Hayes  with On Track and Beyond and Drink Link Moderation exist?

Sadly to say, I didn’t know they existed until 2009.

If you know a young person who dislikes AA or NA and wants to quit illegal drugs, cut back on destructive drinking,  but wants to have a beer once in a while and not be abstinent the rest of their lives, you should join us for this show.

I will be taking calls from a young twenty something who is courageously dealing successful with a heroin use problem in the non 12 step way.

EMPOWERED not powerless… is our motto!

EVERY DAY is Precious. Love the One you’re with.

One Day at a Time. (a seriously overused slogan from the gutter of Bill WIlson’s basement.)

When I was younger and new in AA I lived one moment at a time. Even back then I hated the sayings “one day at a time“, “Think, Think, Think”, ” First Things First“.

I hated their stupid slogans. I quit for life back then without the help of AA. I quit drinking on my own 2 weeks before I went to any AA meeting. I thought chips and 30-60-90 standing up etc even in 1975 was a bunch of nonsense. But, sometimes life throws us a curve. Things happen. Pets die, friends move away, health issues arise, and new friends from the blogs commit suicide as with Ryan.

Good things happen too. We leave AA and find freedom. We develop new hobbies. We realize AA is filled with laughable belief systems from 1930. I know I hammer this fact about the 1930’s but honestly….its really true. Laden with traces of prohibition and the temperance movement from then, we plan to change the worlds views on Addiction and Alcohol over use.One issues at a time. One state at a time.

AA can keeps it’s tentacles in the 1% true alcoholic. I have no interest in this demographic. I want to help young people to use moderation or sane abstinence based programs THEY CHOOSE and more practical non religious paths to healthy living around alcohol and drugs.

We want to change the laws.

We want to educate everywhere that AA doesn’t work for most and that it is dangerous.

I am no longer alone in my journey. I have met many of you on , OP and RFR as well as my other blog

We want the world to know there are other options like;

Smart Recovery, SOS- Secular Organizations for Sobriety, Ken Anderson’s Hams Harm Reduction,, Moderation Management for Moderation programs that work, Amy Lee Coy’s way FROM DEATH DO I PART, Hank Hayes’s way YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO…, Rational Recovery, WFS, or just reading a good book and blogging with other ex steppers.

Each and everyone of you have helped me deprogram and find my way somewhere between the remnants of the AA cult think and a real normal world where most people live. 🙂

I apologize to my sons whenever needed for the bullshit spewed to them …lies I said to them unknowingly about the alcohol and alcoholism rhetoric engrained in me. What a joke it is in today’s entertainment culture.

But now, I know. I know the truth and thank God …so do my wonderful sons.

I pray every parent finds my blog before they do what I did to my first born. It’s criminal the lies AA sober parents say to their kids.

I will spend my life changing all of this and some how make it sane to get help.

Donna Cornett on blogtalkradio/Safe Recovery Tuesday @ 4pm PST- 7pm EST “Beat Binge Drinking”

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A Smart Drinking Guide for Teens, College Students and Young Adults Who choose to drink. 

Donna J Cornett On Drink Link Moderation on Blog talk radio/safe recovery- Tuesday February 21, 2012 @4pm PST

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Join Donna Cornett Founder of Drink Link Moderation to discuss help for those with early stages of a drinking problem who prefer to learn to moderate their drinking then do abstinence.

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