I need a Break! Im tired! TGIF…and I am no longer in AA!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! opps did I say that?

Yup..I just wrote that. Cause I am so tired….This is what I need.  Then I need some of this… then I might need some of this… and some of this…A nice dinner out with my husband. A glass of wine. Some live music. I love love being gone from AA. Gone from the thinking, Gone from the nonsense. Gone from sitting in those stupid ass meetings.  I hope you all have a nice weekend. Away from your computers, away from AA, away from the blogs and are living your lives and having fun with friends, family and people you love and like. Not having to put up with sitting in rooms with nuts and mentally ill people we do not know etc. romantic dinner cartoonwine glassesspacandlespic

spa lady pic