Call to action Get the ACLU to Force Drug Courts to get AA meetings out of our Court System and Get our Government to remove the Promotion of religious Alcoholics Anonymous meetings off of our Government White House Website!

the white house

Outrageous…I say..mixing religion and courts. Forcing people to AA religious type meetings.

Here is what I did and I encourage and request you do the same.

I called the White house hotline and told them I wanted to make a comment to a person on staff. I said I wanted this comment to go to President Obama. I called last week and told them how I was outraged that on our White House website blog it was promoting alcoholics anonymous meetings.

She was kind an patient and listened to my request. I was polite and passionate and very nice but firm in my tone.

Then I called the ALCU in NYC and they said to call my local chapter,  which I did.

aclu imahe

Find yours here…

I then sent my concerns in an email and I am hoping to get some lawyers on board.


Now imagine if each person here picks up the phone and makes these same calls.

Just explain the dangers going on and mostly hit on the topic that AA is so religious and people are being sent there and the courts are mandating violent and sex offenders and woman are being murdered and raped . Make sure you include a few top news stories to back this up. Stay focused on the religious aspect for the ACLU’s mission.

Some facts. God, him or HP s mentioned over 500 times in the first 164 pages of the Big Book.

DO I have any takers? Thanks to anyone who takes some action. It made me feel great and I will follow up with the ACLU and report on the progress.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500
(202) 456-1111



Have you, a  loved one or a friend got a DUI recently or ever? I have not, but from this work I  discovered about Court ordered coercion for DUI’s and for criminals, both sexual and violent offenders.  I am putting this problem in my film. It is the reason AA is so big.

Maybe you were court ordered by a judge which is against the Bill Of RIghts. Your 1st amendment rights!~

I know 3 people who are very close to me. One family, one friend and one friend of a friend.

I found out after I left AA that it is a violation to be forced to attend to AA/NA. Yet no body knows this. I am very disturbed by this and am taking  action to change it. I encourage anyone out there to join me. I have made pamphlets  to hand out and I have gone to a few AA meetings and handed out these pamphlets to those who are getting their court cards signed. They were very excited to see they had choices.

These are the professionals we need to get these pamphlets to:



DUI’s – those who get the tickets

Probation Officers

Those attending the class you are sent to AB530-

A woman called into the show yesterday and gave us some facts.

In the first 40 years of AA they sold 30 million Big Books.

In the the second 40 years they sold 30 million Big Books. What Happened?  Professionalizing of AA …called rehabs and treatment centers, and drug courts and stupid AB530 classes that cost $675.00 ….some sell  a book for $24,000 for one month in rehab! Some charge Insurance Blue Cross Anthem $1000.00 per day for AA crap, A bed on a floor and AA meetings galore.

If you will go to  one local courthouse, one AA meeting where there are many DUI’s and or contact 1 lawyer who handles DUI’s I would appreciate it.

contact me at Remember the ripple effect. Each person you tell will tell 3 more people and they will tell 3 people . so for every one you tell 50 more people will know ….if we have a person in every city …..then we have hundreds , maybe thousands to be educated and empowered. Stop AA coercion and AA will get right sized. Very very small…..think of the moose lodge….LOL 🙂