Khloe Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq Ordered to Attend Alcoholics Anonymous Following DUI Arrest: Report Read more:


WHY-??? Who is ordering her to attend AA meetings? A judge in LA —-does Malika Haqq know what other kind of people are attending AA meeting’s. Violent and Sex Offenders … If you are reading this know that they are violating your 1st amendment Rights and you have other options. A pretty woman like this is a sure target for rapist’s and financial scammers in AA. Contact us here. Read full story here….


Being Court Ordered to GO to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings for a DUI. How wrong is that!

Attorneys Shaking Hands On Courthouse Steps

AA has been deemed “highly religious” in 50% of all U.S states.

Under the First Amendment freedom of religion clause, this means courts in those states cannot sentence convicted DUI offenders to attend AAs “Highly religious” meetings.

But 25 state courts are doing it anyway, not only violating the Constituion, but also letting sexual predators into the 12 step programs right through the courthouse doors….

The federal government can end this illegal practice. But it’s up to us us to report it.

Fight back. Know your rights. Tell your Lawyer first thing you know you have secular options.

They are



Moderation Management

Women for Sobriety ( located in San Diego and where else)?

Don’t let them do it. Tell your Lawyer right away that you understand what AA is a what AA is not. AA is a lay person support group from the 1930’s that has never been updated.

AA is not a government agency

There is no one in charge at an AA meeting.

Have the lawyer talk to the judge and mention that  AA is a religious support organization with over 497 mentions of GOD , higher power, him and father  of light mentioned in the first 164 pages of the Big Book.

Tell them that you know that courts all over the country are ordering violent and sex offenders to the same place they are telling you to go. And that women have been murdered. Cite the Karla Brada Case.

Tell them you are entitled to a secular option.