ATTENTION: Class action Lawsuit being prepared for Pilots Extorted and Forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings though HIMS Program.

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Please contact Pilot,  Brent Weyhrauch, for all matters regarding coercion, and forced attendance to AA. If you or any pilot you know is being forced to attend and AA based rehab, which is all they know, you can fight back. There is a group of lawyers who have come together to sue on behalf of Pilots…

The FAA and their airline companies. Please contact Brent right away if you are a pilot and were coerced and extorted to attend AA.

When did it become okay to forced Pilots, to a religious, lay person, unregulated pod of people, and dangerous criminals.

A place with no regulations, no safety rules, no accountability, no science, and no trained leaders.

We are coming together to stop this insanity.

DUI LAWS in California and Your 1st Amendment Rights.


Have you gotten a DUI?

Are they telling you that you have to go to AA/NA meetings. Is your lawyer telling you this right away?

Is the Judge telling you that you must attend AA/NA or you will have to go to jail?

Now you have attended your first AB-541 class required in CA. You were given a card that when you turn it over it says you must attend so many AA/NA classes….meetings…sessions…wow what nonsense.

Over the following week we are going to inform you of your rights and suggest some lawyers that are aware of your rights.

Moderation Management, SOS ( Secular Organizations for Sobriety), and SMART Recovery have been approved by the city of Los Angeles as Secular options for years. WFS is approved and available in San Diego.

If you have a problem with being coerced to AA/NA , inform your lawyer right away you understand , it’s in violation of your 1st amendment rights to be coerced to attend these laypersons self help groups run by average citizens.

What I hope to do with this post is for the bloggers to tell me whats going on in your state/city with DUI laws.  Lets see if we can get google to place us on the first page when someone types in DUI.

We will also tell you what AA is and what AA is not.

Is it safe?

Is it a government agency?  NO.

Does a professional like a social worker run an AA meeting?   NO.

Did you know that judges are plea dealing violent and sex offenses to AA as well.

Did you know that AA meetings begin and end with having to say prayers with the group. The ending prayer you will be expected to hold hands with those strangers.

If you are harmed by a member in AA they will tell you its your fault and ask you

” what’s your part in it”

Old timers may use their ” time” to hit you up for borrowing money. When you ask for it back  ” they may tell you                “to go write about it. “

DUI HELP -HAVE YOU Been Forced to Attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings?-What are Your 1st Amendment Rights?


Every year some 1.4 Million people are coerced to attend AA as if it were some real Drug/alcohol treatment  program.

We know it’s not. It’s nothing but a laypersons, super religious type, no leader in charge, self help pods. But we also know this is not the case. AA is not  a sober club looking to support you. It would be nice if it was. AA is not a goody two shoes, love and light organization like you might see on their National AA website.

And further more, when someone gets a first DUI , DRUNK DRIVING TICKET, they most probably are not “ALCOHOLIC’S” like the Bill WIlson variety. 98% of the people who attend AA today are most likely only alcohol abusers, not alcohol dependent.

I am making a film called “The 13th Step” the FILM , right now, that is addressing the court ordering of violent and sex  offenders, the fact that our 1ST Amendment rights are being broken, and that there are 7 other free options besides AA when it comes to alcohol and drug overuse.

There really is too much to cover in one 90 minute film, but hell yea , I am going to do my very best!

But there is another aspect that I am going to address in my film. It’s the one that I am getting the most phone calls, texts,  emails, and blog posts asking me, hey Massive….are you gonna deal with the 13 stepping, brainwashing, the cult aspect, the mindfuck….the emotional abuse, the mental abuse….the sexual harassment, the indentured servitude? ( This goes on at any PG meeting or spin off) It’s against the law too.

My answer is YES, yes and yes!

Please follow the link and watch the video. I will l be posting  video updates in a few days.

…read my campaign story and please donate…even if it’s a few pennies. It all matters.

We are doing really well in fundraising and have gotten to a 25% already raised in just 5 days.


AA is Deemed Highly Religious Already in 25 states. Know Your Rights! Attention DUI …

Join Massive and Bob Warner who sued the state and won back in 1996 for a 1 hour show on Religious meeetings….AA ….ICYPAA ….young people getting indoctrinated into AA so young. How can we stop this?

Who do we need to educate. Parents! Lawyers! Therapists! Teachers! PTA! Doctors!

A.A.- How Alcoholics Anonymous Steals Your Soul: Indoctrinating America in 12 Easy Steps [Paperback]
Mr. Robert Howard Warner (Author)