ATTENTION: Class action Lawsuit being prepared for Pilots Extorted and Forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings though HIMS Program.

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Please contact Pilot,  Brent Weyhrauch, for all matters regarding coercion, and forced attendance to AA. If you or any pilot you know is being forced to attend and AA based rehab, which is all they know, you can fight back. There is a group of lawyers who have come together to sue on behalf of Pilots…

The FAA and their airline companies. Please contact Brent right away if you are a pilot and were coerced and extorted to attend AA.

When did it become okay to forced Pilots, to a religious, lay person, unregulated pod of people, and dangerous criminals.

A place with no regulations, no safety rules, no accountability, no science, and no trained leaders.

We are coming together to stop this insanity.

Doctors, pilots, nurses and lawyers are getting coerced to the religious lay persons “peer support” Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings.

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Last week I was flying to Chicago and I  sat  next to a nice young pilot. We began to talk and I told him about my film and about AA coercion. I gave him my DUI pamphlet and told him to spread the word. He then informed me that when he was hired, at his training a member of AA who covers themselves as “BIRDS OF A FEATHER” came in a gave a talk…What? In your training? Yes he said. “Yes I think they are 12 step people”……Then two days later a pilot contacted me. What he told me I could hardly believe… but I do.

Last month I spoke to a Doctor who told me AA is deeply immeshed  in our medicine, in our research and while I had him on my show , I was sometimes speechless at what he was saying. I was so in shock. We all discovered how deeply it is in our judicial system years ago but our Pilots…


plane 1935…the FAA….our Doctors being told to be powerless and to go to a religious pod with a bunch of knuckle heads  for drinking a beverage? Holy cow….This is scary.

I also found out recently that AA has single handily slowed up real scientific research and cures for alcohol and drug over use/ and dependency at some of our oldest institutions.  Why are famous people pushing AA. What do they have to gain. Why does the government have AA on its website.

Ok guys and gals.. this is a big story. Its bigger then my film. But I assure you …I have reached out to some journalists to tackle this mother flocker. If are a pilot, a lawyer, and Dr and butcher a baker a candle stick maker….oh I lost my train of thought    just  kidding…Seriously if you have been told YOU MUST GO TO AA OR YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR LICENSE BACK please contact me for now at and soon we will have a journalist who I will be connecting you all to .


One more thing

GET AA and its wacko religious 12 step meetings, where dangerous felons  and pedophiles are sent every day, in every state … off my GOVERNMENT WEBSITE NOW!!!!!!