There are many people who have been writing letters to senators, and professionals, warning them of the dangers of AA.

Here is a snip it of what is happening. Our work is taking hold.  This is a group that is Private on FACEBOOK that I started Deprogramming from AA or any 12 step group.

anonymous  said :

I just got another phone call from another Senator, woot! This one was already suspicious of AA and was very, very receptive to the idea that it was culty. I gave him the ISBN number for Lance Dodes book as an academic reference for when he talks about it in his committees. He also asked me if I thought that there was Intergenerational aspects to AA and NA and I said “YES,” and talked about how it is considered a good thing if one can get one’s children into Program, and also that the adults that were forced to attend AA meetings as children (because their parents preferred this over getting babysitters) tended to have lower “bottoms” than others. Also that if a parent expressed guilt in an AA meeting for somehow contributing to their child’s addiction problem, that this person would be more or less attacked by the group and told that it was the fault of the child.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the long term consequences for this, but it would seem that if it is going to be exposing one person at a time to Anti-AA facts and how AA propaganda, Senators would be the way to go.

What is also cool is that when I get these phone calls, I completely forget that I have mild phone phobia and can get into the flow fairly well. Not that I’m perfect, but I think I’m good enough.

Juliet is also getting more articles published !!! We will post them here .