Have You Been Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Molested or Raped by an AA Member?

The time to come forward is now.

There are two News Reporters, one at a Major network and another who has contacted a Journalist working behind the scenes on the problems really going on in AA and how women are being treated.

Many have contacted me directly on my other blogs over the past 2 1/2 years.

Either way if you have been hurt and are willing to speak they want to talk to you. Please contact me at info@mysaferecovery.com.

You might also want to know that AA is being sued and it is a very strong case. There is finally an ATTORNEY in Los Angeles who will do it and she understands the LAW and how AA tried to wiggle around and under it with its ridiculous traditions.

Please if you know someone who has been harmed and they are  ready to talk, please  give them my information.

Please help stop the silence that has been going on in 12 step for ever….no women needs to be murdered, raped, molested and sexually harassed by AA men ever again. Stop The Silence…