Gabrielle Glaser and Monica Richardson give Alcoholics Anonymous a run for its money- a low rating for Healing and minus 1 star rating for safety around alcohol overuse issues and here’s why…


Once again the article in The Atlantic by journalist Gabrielle Glaser was trending on twitter yesterday, then back on to The ATLANTIC Article last year about how AA is not the safest or smartest place to go for any kind of REAL healing from Alcohol overuse issues.

For me, a long time ex member who was 13 stepped more then once as a teen and GOT OVER IT…..and just lived with it, realized— thanks to GOD,  my good brain and my sons, that AA was full of S**t …..yea I said it. Full of shit. No science, No research, and lots of religious rhetoric. Many MUSTS and do’s and don’ts and ” better be “of Service”  or else you’ll get drunk….kinda crap….but after 36 years with no booze -I walked away a very disenchanted camper.

Thanks to Gabrielle Glaser who documented the work I did  in 2009 -2010, my last two years in AA ( in Chapter Six of her book  HER BEST KEPT SECRET ) before I left in 2011, about Safety, sexual harassment, sexual predatory crimes and 13 Stepping,  I felt validated and not alone.

In her book Her Best Kept Secret, a New York Times Bestseller, Gabrielle Glaser explained to me and the world how alcohol was once a lovely thing to enjoy in The WHITE HOUSE by our First President, George Washington  &  MRS WASHINGTON, and her many guests.  I learned that most men, women and children were drinking hard cider  necessary until we figured out how to have  clean water.

Americans were neither puritanical or Prohibitionist  from the start…that came later—- along with the non drinking Billionaire Rockefeller, and  the famous AA Creator/founder , —–drunkard, scam artist and womanizer—-Bill Wilson and a few other religious fanatics like Frank Buchman who started the cult The Oxford groups. ( The place Bill Wilson really got sober).

Many decades passed before Courts and judges shoved millions of Americans into a lay person, unsupervised cult like pods of nobody’s for a Drunk driving ticket, a violent offense or whatever floats ones boat today —where EVERYONE says ””OH… I’m an Addict “”””” poor me.  I can’t control myself…blah blah blah.

It does make me wonder where those bad ass pioneering Americans with lots of tough skin, tenacity  and self control have disappeared to?

In her book, HER BEST KEPT SECRET – I also learned  that a Heroin kit could be bought in a Sears & Roebuck Catalog. She then explained  how women’s drinking was on the rise, why… and how were these ladies getting help. Maybe horse therapy in a fancy spa for 50 K was not enough.

Glaser never a problem drinker herself,  began investigating innocently at first, found her way down the same rabbit hole as me, and through Dee Dee Stout, a Harm Reduction Therapist in San Fransisco, who appeared in an episode of “PENN & TELLER Bullshit”  ——- introduced us and…       we met. 🙂 The rest is history.

There are times in life where I have met people, Gabrielle being one of them, that I now feel I could not have gone on with my film and my work without their help and their own driven path to seek out why AA and 12 step controls 95 % of all rehab in America . And why was it infested and controlling our Drug Courts  and the DUI system still to this day?

Her early research brought her into the halls of New York AA Headquarters where an employee made a joke about 13 stepping not realizing that someone might take notice.

Katie Couric heard us because of Gabrielle Glaser and her Book. CBS 48 Hours – episode THE SOBER TRUTH heard and told the story of the Karla Brada Murder because of her.

SO this is my ode to Gabrielle Glaser, in that her fierce voice and criticism was needed, and still needed to tell a very dark true story about what really goes on in those meetings and culture.

Gabrielle being one of the first persons to get the most articles written, criticizes what needed to be done, unlike some of us simple ex stepper bloggers could not get one journalist to hear our voices or write those stories.

The courageous women and men who we both met and interviewed has broken open a dirty little secret that felt it was untouchable, above the law and better then medicine and science. Yes – I am talking about Alcoholics Anonymous. It is not a government agency!

I highly recommend her book for those leaving AA, those thinking about leaving and those who are professionals who have been recommending it to their clients for decades.

For me —-she is my hero—-she is my friend— she is a great writer and without her—- we might…still be on yahoo groups or www.stinkin-  —anti AA groups fighting about if AA could ever be sued or was AA a cult or not- boy how sad that would be.

With dozens of anti AA blogs and ANTI FACEBOOK pages Gabrielle Glaser has managed to amass a long list of legitimate Newspaper, Magazine articles , radio show interviews and the Network news, Television shows to uncover, discover and discard the lie… that

AA is the one and only …and the last house on the block—-

which clearly we know now—-it is not true. Nor is it safe.

Your friend,


I love “SHAMELESS” on SHOWTIME- BUT they don’t get The Narcotics Anonymous stuff right– or do they.


When I left AA over four…almost five years ago, I thought AA just needed some safety policies, some pamphlets and  warnings that violent men were getting court ordered to AA, which was unknown to AA members and the public at large.

But almost five years later I am still in shock how much AA is controlling America our TV Show and film and our court system. How we view addictive behavior. How the FAA extorts Pilots to AA and expensive rehab. How The Board of Nursing is infested with extorting nurses to AA for 5 years,  three times a week. How they have professionalized an Asshole AA sponsor, as if they are someone important.

Does anyone really think that AA sponsors are smarter then you . Do they think  they are professionals like  REAL therapists who have  PHD’s?  WHY do reporters ever call AA meetings….AA sessions? Holy mother of god— when will this shit stop.

I was watching Shameless tonight , now filled with a Stepper heroin addict thread line,  that Fiona is fucking. Not Dating…btw——so like an  AAer….the actor who is playing this guy I’m sure is a stepper in real life he plays the character so well. ( I’m not really sure) sorry Kyle if you are reading this.

Then I watched, no—–  fast forwarded through an HBO Documentary about Heroin in Massachusetts. It was like a 71 minute commercial for Narcotics ANONYMOUS— UGHHHHHH…..I wanted to throw up ….What a piece of crap this movie was.

Here’s the deal…sometimes I feel like we are making head way…I don’t know why I would think that…nothings really changed in any court room that I know about.

Well we did get on CBS 48 HOURS— that s a big deal and that is some headway– we got on Katie Couric. Gabrielle’s New York Times Bestseller does document my story and my work while I was in AA those last two years…so that’s a big deal.

Gabrielle Glaser is making headway back east, God bless her, talking to Doctors in Hospitals, but out here in Fairly Godmother land of AA and the Goliath Hollywood stepper GALORE palace of bullshit…I wonder – how will we knock AA out the park, into the trash where it belongs and start using real science and medicine for addictive behaviors. I am not sure.

SO- I will continue on my path and see what we can accomplish over the next few months.

Gabrielle Glaser’s reporting on Center for Motion and Change in Manhattan in NY City.


CreditKirsten Luce for The New York Times

A Different Path to Fighting Addiction

Finally The New York Times is printing pieces that are non 12 step help…Thanks to Gabrielle Glaser and the women at The Center of Motivation and Change the world is now going to learn new things available to parents and their children.

by Gabrielle Glaser

When their son had to take a medical leave from college, Jack and Wendy knew they — and he — needed help with his binge drinking. Their son’s psychiatrist, along with a few friends, suggested Alcoholics Anonymous. He had a disease, and in order to stay alive, he’d have to attend A.A. meetings and abstain from alcohol for the rest of his life, they said.

But the couple, a Manhattan reporter and editor who asked to be identified only by their first names to protect their son’s privacy, resisted that approach. Instead, they turned to a group of psychologists who specialize in treating substance use and other compulsive behaviors at the Center for Motivation and Change.

The center, known as the C.M.C., operates out of two floors of a 19th-century building on 30th Street and Fifth Avenue. It is part of a growing wing of addiction treatment that rejects the A.A. model of strict abstinence as the sole form of recovery for alcohol and drug users.

read the full story here…


Gabrielle Glaser has OP-ED Piece in The New York Times!!!!

Breaking News…Gabrielle Glaser author of Her Best Kept Secret has a piece in the NEW YORK TIMES…WHOO HOO !!!!!!!!


Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route

Published: January 1, 2014 2 Comments

THIS New Year’s, a good number of those who struggle to control their drinking will resolve to abstain from alcohol. No halfway measures. Quitting is the only way.

Anna Parini


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The cold-turkey approach is deeply rooted in the United States, embraced by doctors, the multibillion-dollar treatment industry and popular culture. For nearly 80 years, our approach to drinking problems has been inspired by the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Developed in the 1930s by men who were “chronic inebriates,” the A.A. program offers a single path to recovery: abstinence, surrendering one’s ego and accepting one’s “powerlessness” over alcohol.

But it’s not the only way to change your drinking habits.

Read the whole story here…

Happy New Year to all !

happy new year picA big happy new years to all  and thank you all for blogging here with me.

Much success has come about this year to expose AA and its dangerous ways.

  1. I attended Hotdoc’s in Toronto in April 2013 and pitched my movie to many people who were unaware of the dangers in AA. In essence, telling the International Film Community about the truth regarding AA. 
  2. Gabrielle Glaser’s book “Her Best Kept Secret” came out  in July 2013 and I was a chapter in it, where all of my work in AA and trying to make it safer was documented.
  3. We were on National TV “Katie Couric” in July 2013 Exposing AA.
  4. We launched an indiegogo campaign and raised over $24,000 dollars in September, which enabled me to produced 25 more interviews for the film shot in a professional way.
  5. The IDA became  our fiscal sponsor enabling us to accept money and a non profit write offs and their endorsement!
  6. I hired an award winning Documentary Editor, Barry Rubinow, and he created our new 7.5 min trailer in December 2013 with all the new footage.
  7. I continued making my radio show interviewing all the top experts in the non 12 step recovered world….I have over 125,000 free downloads and listens.
  8. We created a professional looking pamphlet for people who get a DUI.
  9.  We have submitted the film for a few very important film festival/ conferences looking for finishing funds as we continue to raise awareness.

I feel a part of an online community that continues to help me to deprogram, raise awareness and help me and others to Recover from Recovery !!! LOL :))))))))))))))

INDIEGOGO Site for “The 13th Step” the Film is “LIVE”. Please go there and watch the video clip from the film!!!



DAY 3 We have raised $11,050.00 dollars!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

Please share everywhere….The 13th Step the Film is now ready to see the trailer. We are launching a campaign to raise money and build community as I continue making the film. My goal is to finish filming by December 2013.

On the indiegog site it explains everything in great detail. How far along we are etc. I think it will fun to see how many supporters we get.

If everyone gave a $1. for a blogtalk radio they listened to and liked we will fund the campaign easily! There are over 103,000 listens and downloads right now.



Monica Richardson (blogger massive) and Author Gabrielle Glaser on Katie Couric ABC DAYTIME SHOW!

“Live” in NYC with Katie Couric and Author Gabrielle Glaser talking about 13 stepping in AA and the court ordering of violent offenders and sex offenders to AA meetings!

THANK YOU ABC AND KATIE COURIC for being the 1st talk show and 1st network to have guests on telling this 60 year old story about sexual predation in AA.

I am beyond happy to have this happen. Of course I wish I had time to say more or that some of what I said was kept in….but regardless… the truth was told. I did feel vulnerable and as many of you know I am very embarrassed that I was in AA over 3 decades and that I drank the kool aid for too many of those years.

The good part is that I saw the light and left over 2 years ago after trying to make AA safer. They will be forced to Make it safer.

There are many aspects to AA that are sending people out in droves. Its not just predation by criminals. Its the controlling psychological, emotional abuse by other members and sponsors who think they know it all.

fyi For any lurkers…

AA has no trained facilitators.
AA members often give medical advice when they are not Doctors
AA members often tell people to get off their medications.
AA is not a government agency
AA has no safety policies in place.
AA is deemed “highly religious in 25 states.
AA is filled with just regular people telling others how to live their lives.
AA is not safe for teens or young woman
AA members study a book from 1939 that is filled with god, made up christian dogma, and it has never been updated.
AA makes millions in its NYC office
No one gets paid in the AA structure except 12 people in NY.
AA makes people feel like they have to go their forever.
AA tells people they are broken.
AA was different in 1975. It was more a buffet….take what you like. Today its like …lets me shove this down your throat.

IN closing…if AA was like it is today, I would have gone to one meeting and never returned. WOW…
Stay tuned for the launching of my Kickstarter Campaign.


Monica Richardson grass roots founder to stop 13 stepping in AA, financial scams, sexual abuse and murder and rape in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, will be interviewed by Katie Couric Tuesday July 16th 2013 at 3:00 p.m. Along with with well known author Gabrielle Glaser for her new book that was released by Simon and Shuster ” Her Best Kept Secret- Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control”.

Gabrielle Glaser in her book explains why AA is not the answer for many women and also interviewed Monica Richardson for her book that she devotes an entire chapter to.

Monica Richardson discusses as a previous 36 year AA member about the dangers of court mandates and the crime that happens when you co mingle vulnerable members of society and violent court mandates and sexual predators. Court mandating is being done against people’s constitutional rights as AA has been determined to be religious enough that no one should be forced to go. Yet this happens in our courts every day by Judges.

This information about the ineffectiveness and the real dangers of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is much needed to inform the public that there is more effective treatment and that AA or NA is not a safe place to send your loved ones- especially teens.

She was interviewed by Big John Radio Show in Daytona Beach about 2 years ago that sent a wake up call to many listeners. Monica did an interview herself with a local business owner who had been threatened by Daytona AA and Daytona NA members in the City of Holly Hill with no help from Holly Hill PD or the City of Holly Hill in Volusia County Florida. Those events inspired the website about the 12 step madness in Holly Hill and around the world.


– See more at:


What could be a tide changer? What have we been working for? Is it that we want the public and media be warned about AA and now the truth about what is going on in AA, its culture and its rooms….right.

Well Gabrielle Glaser, Her book, Simon & Schuster and her publicist have all been working oh so hard. I hope you have ordered or bought the book. Please remember to write a review as well.


I will not spill the beans till tomorrow night. I am in NYC right now. They flew me here. nuff said. Its happening !!!!