Ohio Women murdered in front of AA meeting Shot 6 times in front of 20 AA members


Stephen Chancey met and married his third wife, Joyce, at the Sharonville Alcoholics Anonymous meetings both attended. That’s also where he killed her, shooting her six times when, as she was divorcing him, she had the nerve to show up there after he told her to stay away.

Chancey’s third marriage, like his first two, crumbled after his wife accused him of abusing her.

Joyce Lynn Chancey, 44, grew so scared of her husband that she got a restraining order against him on Oct. 29, 2001.

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That didn’t stop Chancey from showing up at her house and stalking her in the months after that or from giving graphic details during an AA meeting — as he stared at his wife — about his “army training in killing.”

She became so frightened that she sought a second protective order Feb. 8, citing his deteriorating mental condition and statements he had made to a friend about doing harm to his wife or her daughter.

“Now I fear what he will do to me if I show up at my (AA) meeting on Sunday,” she wrote in that order.

She had reason to fear.

Two days later, as she arrived at the Sharonville AA meeting, Chancey saw her pull her car into a parking lot. He walked up to her and shot her six times in front of about 20 people.

When anti-gun extremists are faced with questions about how law-abiding citizens can protect themselves from criminals in the midst of gun bans, they usually claim the police or more stringent laws can protect us.

But as with the story “Dial 911 & Your Neighbor Dies”, this event proves that laws or restraining orders cannot stop a person intent on doing harm, and that police are most often relegated to cleaning up after a crime was committed, rather than preventing it from happening.



TAKING a Break from BLOGGING for the Summer.

Hi everyone. I will be taking a badly needed break from blogging and FACEBOOK social media for a couple of months. I need to focus on a project I am working on that will continue to expose AA, but will include exposing criminal activity in Rehab, Sober Living and extortion of Pilots, Nurses and Doctors. I need to focus . I also need a vacation !!! LOL

I’m also tired – not physically – but I do see how big this AA beast is in our culture – courts- mental health and Entertainment. Its just not right, whats going on.

If you have been harmed please bring a friend/family member and go to the police. Make Written complaints and call NY GSO. Write to your congressman and or local politician or reporter about how you were harmed by AA.

Fee free to Email me at makeaasafer@gmail.com. I will get back to you when I resume blogging unless you have been harmed criminally or your civil rights have been broken please feel free to write to me.

If Crimes and Fraud are committed with Sober Living and Rehab – Please write your story and situation down and go to the FBI or JUSTICE Department. They already know the  deal with these two hatter AA members . They have taken down 3 huge rings already in California, Florida and New Jersey .

After Leaving AA- being in the Real World.

alcohol drinks pic

Okay—- so you’ve been gone from AA for how long—- a few days, weeks, months—maybe two, three or four years.

At what point do you feel a part of the real world. For each person it is unique. Certainly not when I first left. I was super happy to be gone — but, I still felt like I was living in the “in between” .  I didn’t’ drink and I was still abstinent. I didn’t care about my “time”  and I was embarrassed I had spent those years ” in ” AA—- what ever that means.

It was hard at first because I was so mad I spent those years in AA. And the longer I was gone, the madder I got that I was so brainwashed. I never missed it. Maybe its because I was an Active GSR the last two years that I was there. WOW was that horrid.

AA GSR’s are expected to go to the most =boring monthly meetings for two years. Sundays at 9 am – rain or shine –Mothers DAY — really — yes—-  GSR meetings— A Westside District meeting on mothers day, fathers day, Easter, you name it—-they did it.

There were countless Area and District meetings ( One day workshops ) and ridiculous  all day weekend events for you to go to and listen to nothing  and I mean nothing what so ever happening. But I was there with Kali trying to talk about Safety and our pamphlet. So even though some liked what we were doing and we had support from the Peanut Gallery and a few good AA members—-many began to ice us out and hate us and judges us and not discuss Sexual Harassment in AA. So it was easy to walk away after I tried really hard to fix what I was uncovering.

It was the Murder of Kristine and Saundra Cass in Honolulu , Ha . in August of 2010, that took me out ……

and the way AA in NY and  AA in Los Angeles, CA handled the shutting us down in regards to Member safety  and sexual predators. I was glad to walk away with my head held high.

After i was gone from AA about 14 months I was at a party and tasted a drink when it dawned on me that I was no longer IN…AA. A freedom I had never known washed over me. It was like the promises read in the stupid Big Book were happening as I sipped a simple cocktail with no desire to get drunk , with no wish to have more.

Further more — that desire never came either. Now some three and a half years later. I’m a light weight. And the times I have enjoyed with NORMAL women and friends having a lovely glass of wine is immeasurable and beat out any GSR meeting I ever went to. Or the countless service commitments I did.

I think AA should be sued for going into grade schools, my grade school,  looking for future children members. For Christ sake…even Bill Wilson got to drink into his 40’s  ….

Happily gone from AA.

Sad I wasted many years there.

Sad I said stupid stuff to my kids when they were teens.

I still hate how much AA jargon is a part of Americans language, Tv , FIlm  and culture.

Ce La Vie’

Say No to AA for a DUI – Stand up for 1st Amendment Rights

ACLU image

I think its that time of the year where many might find themselves being sent to AA.

Many have no idea that AA is not a government agency. That AA is not regulated by the state. That AA is not safe. That AA is not a drug treatment program . It’s a  group—- a fellowship….lay persons coming together.

So why are our courts sending EVERYONE to AA meetings for any violation and why are the Courts interconnected with rehabs, sober livings that are totally 12 step run. How long has this been going on? Since Drug court began in 1989? No ….it started before that , but when drug courts began it got oh so much worse.


Now in AA, some are there to help. Some are there to harm. Some are there to serve so they can stay “sober” ….AA style….. Some are there to take whatever they can and never give back.

But where’s the warning label for Alcoholic Anonymous? Like Cigarettes…one day an Insider who worked in the industry outed those guys. We think AA needs to be outed for who is there, who is sent there and who goes there to prey on innocent civilians.

Even though there is a “leader” or “secretary” who picks or is picked that day or the week before – they don’t necessarily lead unless its a cult group like the PG group-

Most AA members don’t feel  empowered to really lead for the most part.

When they read the preamble before every meeting — how come they don’t say

” AA is a drug /alcohol treatment program” . ..oh that’s right …That’s because it is not that. So what is AA really? Is it a fellowship? Then how can you get ordered to join a religious organization from a Judge? Is it a religion? TO some it is. It’s religious for sure.

Over 35 Courts have Deemed it so. Is it a Drug Treatment Program? No —-other wise it would need to be regulated by the state. But AA’s rehabs grandfathered themselves in way back when as something called ” NON Medical treatment and they are governed by The Department of Health? How is this going on ? Well it is.

So I guess the next question is how do we undo this. So if it’s not medical treatment how is Insurance paying for it . I mean rehab— 30 K a month- or $1,000 a day paid by Athem Blue Cross for Action Family where no medical anything is occurring…Just being bused to AA meetings. Just attending AA meetings. No doctors, no PhD’s, no groups let by real therapists? And maybe your daughter or son may be bused to a place where all the AA meetings are filled with men like Eric Earle, near trailer parks- connected to the DOC filled with not so wonderful not really AA members. That your Daughter or son may mix and mingle with these kinds of criminals.

We need to educate the public and stop the judges and the ab541 classes from sending people to AA for a DUI offense.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/428015810712294/permalink/500139410166600/?comment_id=500144010166140¬if_t=group_comment follow us in this new public group on FACEBOOK and share .

Recovery Road- Another AA TV Show on ABC – Does Religious Propaganda aka AA belong on TV

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 10.42.31 AM

I have been thinking about this question for a few months now. When the TV show MOM went over the top about 12 step AA work a few weeks ago I took pause and thought..is this possible? Yesterday  I was just watching some TV  and I saw that ABC Family is launching a new show taken from a book of “Recovery Road.” The new drama, based on the popular young-adult novel by Blake Nelson, focuses on a teenage girl dealing with addiction. We saw the Ad on TV yesterday and we almost shit….Once again a Bullshit circle , which btw in most places doesn’t exist. There are rows of metal chairs squished together. And some batshit older Menopausal women in control…OR …a sleezy 60 year old sexual predator, or creepy old timer lurking, as well.

Laura San Giacomo is going to actually play an AA sponsor- GAG— not about Laura- I love her acting, but the idea that another show like MOM ( CBS by Executive Producer Chuck Lorre) will be on our TV brainwashing more children, teenagers and parents.

It’s  beginning to feel outrageous to me the level of POWER- CONTROL- BRAINWASHING going on in Hollywood and in our TV Culture by AA members. They are in our Courts too. They are in the FAA. Who knew?

Even Josh Fox , The Academy Award Wining filmmaker who made GASLAND and GASLAND 2 was up against the  Natural GAS giants, and he got press. he got on HBO – he got his film in theaters.

Is AA and its members more powerful and infested then The Natural Gas Industry?

I would have to say YES– a big fucking YES> Way bigger then Scientology as well. Bigger then the Catholic Church- Not in Members…AA has 1.2 mil they SAY in  North America. I doubt this fact as I have personally seen huge meetings all over the country shrinking. And do they count how many are coerced there as MEMBERS?  They- the DUI forced people are NOT MEMBERS. They put no money in the basket and they will not take a “service commitment” .

There are 1 billion Catholics in the world. But one is not sent to MASS for a DUI.

A nurse is not sent to MASS for  screwing up. A pilot is not sent to MASS for drinking too much. A doctor is not sent to MASS for taking his own drugs. SO…where does that lead us…I am not sure.

Those who have been harmed need to come forward like the BILL COSBY rape scandal.

So if you were  sexually harassed, your child molested, if you were raped,  scammed for money, and a family member was targeted and killed by an AA member— and you are reading this….consider contacting me and lets get talking…I mean really talking- writing letters to journalists and to our representatives. Writing letters to TV shows LIKE MOM and telling Chuck Lorre what happened to YOU in AA by an AA member. Maybe write letters to DICK WOLF who has taken on an AA problem in an episode on LAW & ORDER SVU – titled RAPIST ANONYMOUS ….maybe he will hear us.


Alcoholics Anonymous is a Cult of Massive Manipulated proportions. SCARY STEPPER MOVIE Part 1


SO what makes up a cult? There is a conversation that I hope to bring over here from a FACEBOOK group I am in. At a few times in history AA was compared to Scientology. The AMA was critical of it. So what happened. How much money , and power did it take. Or was it just Hollywoods fault. Lillian Gish, Marty Mann, The Lost Weekend, The Days of Wine & Roses, Dick van Dyke’s fault and his 1975 Press conference with Senator Hughes in Washington DC?

Why did I even fight those words and say..”.no AA is not a cult…gee Bill W is dead.” Where is the leader. How can you have a cult if the leader is dead? Well, surely now I know this doesn’t matter.

What would a movie look like if it really tore up AA. I would actually like to make one. Would it be a comedy? A dark Comedy like Shameless? Would it have to be a series like Dextor on Showtime. Showing the real horrors of disgusting predatory men who have disgusting violent sex with 16 year old girls at ICYPAA events . Guys with tattoos and are 25 years older then the young teens they are .with …well …you get the picture.

These are the types of emails I get. I have gotten for the past 5 years, starting with my stop13stepinaa Blog. Its such a quiet thing these days, yet still people find me from it.

If you didn’t notice…Im pissed off tonight.

I AM NOT  ALONE! !!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are thousands more  out there.

Why I Hate Alcoholics Anonymous _ let me count the ways…


aa symbolpicThis was a post from the winter ….I felt it belongsAA meeting here…

The post about Chuck C testifying in front of a sub committee meeting really got to me… so here I am blogging …
It made me so mad again! Damn it …

I hate AA because I was brainwashed at 18 when I already stopping drinking on my own
I almost left AA at 19 when my life was getting worse from AA after I was 13  stepped by some middle aged dirt bags, but they told me

“it gets worse before it got better”

I shook my head and said I thought you mean when you drank…I have been sober all this time. They were always trying to convince me I belonged there.
                                         “Identify….don’t compare…”

What about your     “yets”        they would say….

When an oldtimer told me

                   “you feather them first , then hit them over the head with a hammer!”

I said what?      he said …

                            “you break them down and then build them up”
Those fuckers!!!!

I was 13 stepped a few times. I was so young…Those fucking sick pricks.
I told my kids shit that hurt them in regards to drinking…more lies.
I hate that I gave so much of my time was I as in my early 20’s. I can never get those years back.
Those fuckheads!!!

I considered myself in AA for way too f**king long ….36 years…omg I’m so embarrassed about this again. How can I undo this….I cant….so what do I do….I make a film ..I expose their asses…I go on National TV and get others to expose the truth …I make my radio shows  and interview smart professionals and authors… and I am going to go inside and stir the shit up ……you wait and see…..someone has to tell the truth about what is really going on in AA, in our courts, in our medicine and in our rehabs!

Im trying to take a little break and then back to work after the new year. But still I blog….




Do You Have a Disease, or a Reason for Drinking? by Disclosure

I have asked for my fellow bloggers to contribute and Disclosure sent me this for a new discussion. This is a subject I never understood till a a few years ago. Why these hidden secrets? Let it rip. 

In AA they teach that you don’t have an excuse or reason for drinking, they say you have a disease. I say this is utter nonsense; here is the reason I started drinking the way I did.

As a young child experiencing a divorce I felt responsible. I did not have the life experience or instruction necessary to understand or cope with what was happening to me. The people I relied on, my parents, my lifeline, were afraid to talk to me and tell me the truth. I was a smart kid and capable of understanding but was not getting complete information from the people who I was instinctively tethered to. Because of the lack of truthful communication I came to my own conclusions. It was obvious where my father was coming from by the evidence at hand, he left me and mom for another woman, he had started a new family, in my view I was unwanted and undesirable. Mom had to survive, this further complicated matters in that new men were brought into the home, this further compromised my family. The new men had their own motives and did what they had to in achieving their goals. At this point I was living a lie, my only ally, my mother, could not fill the shoes of what a boy needs, a father. I was interested in stuff moms can’t help you with. I needed someone to talk to and support me, I needed a father to teach me about life from a mans perspective. I needed a parent to stick with me through thick and thin and show me they cared, only then could I muster the strength to care myself. Instead I was given a psychologist, further proof that something was wrong with me. I remember thinking the following as I proceeded to destroy myself; if someone would care I would stop. I drank from age twelve to thirty six, it stopped the pain and made life bearable. The only disease I had was that of having an asshole for a father. Can you share this in AA, heck no, they would want to know your part in it.