Alcoholics Anonymous Sued for Wrongful Death of Karla Brada , Mendez vs The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc

lawsuit picture

Today ,  the server arrived at AA World Headquarters and served AA , all three non- profit corportations with a wrongful death lawsuit.

I will post more later.

48 HOURS CBS NEW SEASON – SEE KARLA BRADA MURDER Investigation and Alcoholics Anonymous is where she met him

Please watch and share everywhere. They are interviewing Karla’s Parents and Gabrielle Glaser ( journalist and Author of HER BEST KEPT SECRET). This is the beginning of the truthful media that will expose AA for what it is and what is going on and who has been ¬†getting court ordered there for decades. Shocking! Most AA members do not even know this. AT 2:55 min into the preview of this season we see Karla’s parents being interviewed.