Former AA Members Outraged Over Possible “LANDMARK” Status for Bill and Lois WIlson’s Stepping Stones Property In Katonah, NY.

Many ex AA members are outraged that a house that was occupied by Bill Wilson who was a known 13 Stepper ( AA lingo for sexual harasser) to many new comer vulnerable women in Alcoholics Anonymous has got the blogs all up in an out roar.

I personally know about 13 steppers in AA and have been told from men with 40 + years in AA that he , Bill Wilson was a known predator and that is why AA has such a horrible history with Sexual Predation aka (13 stepping) in it’s culture.

Following I will be collecting stories from bloggers with personal opinion and experiences.

We can find the links, write letters, make phone calls and create a petition to stop this decision.

Please tell us your opinion here.


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Jim Moogan is a retired deputy commissioner of the state Parks Department.  So I can see the connection with his position and the getting AA’s Co founder, Bill WIlson and his Stepping Stones House on the historic register.

Why is it that these AA members are hiding everywhere behind their shady veil of anonymity.

Now they are going for the Full TOMATO! The whole enchilada so to speak. Funny to say though that my  ex brother in law committed suicide last June. But before he died he told me about the sexual predatory demeaning behavior done by men in AA as well as men preying on women.  Brian told me how the Gay men in the program were always 13 stepping (sexually harassing) the young new GAY men in AA. All that love and light those Stepping Stones folks are professing is not cutting the mustard with me. They were mean and cold to Brian when he drank again after many years of sobriety. And after 2 decades Brian was shunned when he returned to AA after he had trouble staying sober. So much for love and tolerance.