CBS 48 HOURS – Re RUN of THE SOBER TRUTH Episode Saturday -January 2- interviews Monica Richardson and The 13th Step film- The Karla Brada Murder in Santa Clarita, CA

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I feel really blessed and appreciate so much that CBS 48 Hours did a piece on the Karla Brada Murder. With the Help of Gabrielle Glaser and the Producer’s at CBS 48 Hours, they saw that something about the court ordering of violent offenders to AA is a recipe for disaster and in this case…murder.

Join us Saturday Night— Live on Social media and on FACEBOOK for the show ——-CBS 48 Hours.  Let your thoughts and opinions on the subject of dangers in AA and it’s culture be known.

The 13th Step the Film – NOW Available on VIMEO to RENT and BUY

Here is a short synopsis of what we hope to change and effect:

Change Federal and State Laws around AA coercion and 12 step plea bargaining with Sex and violent offenders.

Force AA to add safety and sexual harassment policy. This would include forcing them to have Area and District “Make AA Safer Workshops” all over the county. Create a hotline for those assaulted and harassed. Have a paid AA person, or some professional employee to travel the country dealing with places that are most dangerous and grievous with bad situations. Post my literature everywhere, including a Sexual Harassment and Financial Scamming Poster at the entry way to every meeting.

Put a warning on their site main GSO  and on all AA meeting sites.

Have a Safety statement read before every meeting.

Have a warning read that it is illegal to give medical advice to other members about Medications members take.

Make it policy that No Person under 18 may attend a meeting.

Educate the public on the 7 other free options.

Educate the public what is really going on in AA and shine the light and expose the truth.

Thanks. I appreciate all the contributions so far and the feedback as well.

BREAKING STORY-Twelve Steps to Danger: How Alcoholics Anonymous Can Be a Playground for Violence-Prone Members

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Story by Gabrielle Glaser


Here it is! The first National Story about AA and all the garabge going on it since THE NEWSWEEK story hit in 2007.

In the spring of 2011, Karla Brada Mendez finally seemed happy. She was 31 and in love, eager to move ahead on the path to maturity – marriage, a family, stability.  She had a good job in the customer-service department of a large medical supply firm, and was settling into a condo she had recently bought near her childhood home in California’s San Fernando Valley.

Her 20s had been rough, a struggle with depression, anxiety, alcohol and drugs. But early that spring two years ago, she told her parents and younger sister that she had met a charming, kind and handsome man who understood what she had been through.

Their relationship blossomed as the couple attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings several times a week. But there was much Karla didn’t know about the tall blond man who said he was an AA old-timer. READ FUll STORY here…

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BREAKING NEWS KARLA BRADA CASE Finally has a Pre Trial date . May 22, 2013

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19 months after the death of Karla Brada finally , finally a pre trial date. I went all the way out there and missed the few moments I waited for last time…that took all day ….but today was different.

Eric Allan Earl is going to go to trial for the alleged murder of Karla Brada , daughter of Hector and Jaro Mendez, two of the sweetest , most wonderful people.

There were many NEWS trucks outside the San Fernando Courthouse today. So Jaro and I talked to ABC, Channel 5 and CBS about Karla’s murder. They were there for the the 10 year old who was kidnapped from Northridge. I think that story has an AA/NA connection as well but I haven’t had time to dig to see if Im right or not.

I sat with them in their house and saw all the papers showing how Earl was sentenced to 1 year of AA or jail  as far back as 1993. GEE WEEZ which one would you pick. 20 years of a rap sheet. 20 years of AA not helping him EVER!!!!!!
Over and over again the same behavior and no AA success story. WTF!

Another f**ked up part of this story is , Karla’s entry into rehab, and them busing her to the AA meetings where she meets mr 20 years in and out of AA and trouble. But she has no idea that Earl is not a garden variety drunk.I am not even sure what to call him.

He is such a good liar he now has another AA woman paying for a defense attorney. I think the lawyer is an AA member too. I hope the Judge is not in AA….I’ll be at the pre trial and I will report the story here.