The 13th Step- A Documentary Film, Exposing Sexual & Violent Predators, in Alcoholics Anonymous and its culture Available NOW on VIMEO!

Well- it’s here— now– finally after four years of work.  We won some awards, got into The Cannes Festival in the DOCUMENTARY CORNER, and fought hard to get Broadcast distribution. I get emails from around the US and the world daily about the problems in AA.

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The film that tells the truth about the most revered self-help group on the planet. AA- ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, promoted as the wonder of this century by ROCKEFELLER,  NEUT GINGRICH, DICK VAN DYKE, ELTON JOHN, EDIE FALCO, Senator Hughes, Chuck Lorre, Martin Sheen and many more.

Little did I know how deep the rabbit hole went when I started making the film in May of 2011. It was Christine and Saundra Cass’s murder in Hawaii that did it for me.  Learning about Karla Brada’s murder put the nails in the coffin as well.

But when I learned about how Pilots, Nurses, and Doctors are extorted to attend in such an insane way …I could not believe my ears or eyes as I read their contracts. This could be another whole film on CNN , FRONTLINE or 60 Minutes – but I digress.

The latest News about Corrupt Sober Living Houses, (Chris Bathum featured on ABC 20/20 recently)  fraud in Rehabs and how PROP 36 sends all the diversion folks to a SOBER LIVING, drug tests all clients and makes everyone follow the 1936 -12 step Prohibition WAYS of NO ALCOHOL , “no nothing” kinda mentality. YIKES !!!

Interesting note that Major Insurance is paying for The Sober Living sham, through a thing called IOP’s and expensive Drug Testing. Who owns the drug testing COMPANY you may ask? I find myself digging, again, down another rabbit hole. But, that’s another film. There is one pilot who I interviewed in this film. He was afraid to be seen.

Here is the link to rent or buy the film.

SMART RECOVERY Attendance Blossoms after Author Gabrielle Glaser and blogger/ radio show host/First Time Documentary Film Maker Monica RIchardson appear on ABC’s National Television show “Katie” with KATIE COURIC

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I know it’s small in numbers compared to some other self help groups but…

The other night I decided to go to a new SMART meeting that I saw was in Culver City.

I think Smart has tripled in size over the past four years in terms of face to face meetings in Los Angeles.

There were seven men and me there. It was a great meeting with a really great leader. I learned the 4 point system. It was useful for way more then not drinking!

There was the usual stepper being dragged there by an unhappy stepper looking for saner solutions. It was a young crowd. NIce to see.

But the leader told me that the day after Gabrielle and I were on Katie Couric

“Seven women came to his meeting …the very next day.”  Seven!

In Smart terms that’s alot, because often a Smart meeting might have 8-12 people in all.  If Seven women came to one west LA meeting the next day …how many came all over the country. Those women will never have to go to AA!!!! That is progress!

together_we_can_change_the World[ic

Anyway, I think Smart Recovery, Hams Network, SOS and Moderation along with The Sinclair Method are great options that will see huge growth these next 2-3 years. Between Claudia Christian’s Film, Mikeblamedenial and mine The 13Th STEP The Film,  will put a dent in the AA recovery racket.