LAW & Order SVU Episode tonight exposes Fraud in rehab, sober living, rape and selling drugs to addicts

Congrats to the Producers and Writers of Law & Order SVU for telling this story. I contacted them last year – again this spring and again recently. I sent them alot of info. I called the production office in NYC. No one called me back. But they are doing a Great JOB Exposing this shit.

The Lies TV Shows Tell About Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Have you seen, Nurse Jackie, or Criminal Minds, or The Wire?

Have you ever noticed how they represent AA /NA meetings is a distorted manner? WHy do they pretend AA has trained leaders running the meeting. Everyone who is in AA for a minute knows what an grievous lie this is. How misrepresenting this is. Yet still no one sets the record straight.

So here now on LEAVING AA we will.

AA and NA and CA and AL ANON HAVE NO PROFESSIONALLY trained leaders or facilitators at any local AA meeting.

A sexual predator may be a sponsor, a secretary, a coffee maker or a GSR. AA loves their sickos and welcomes everyone! They want teenagers and sexual deviants to come to the same meeting. A huge law suit waiting to happen!