Ohio Women murdered in front of AA meeting Shot 6 times in front of 20 AA members


Stephen Chancey met and married his third wife, Joyce, at the Sharonville Alcoholics Anonymous meetings both attended. That’s also where he killed her, shooting her six times when, as she was divorcing him, she had the nerve to show up there after he told her to stay away.

Chancey’s third marriage, like his first two, crumbled after his wife accused him of abusing her.

Joyce Lynn Chancey, 44, grew so scared of her husband that she got a restraining order against him on Oct. 29, 2001.

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That didn’t stop Chancey from showing up at her house and stalking her in the months after that or from giving graphic details during an AA meeting — as he stared at his wife — about his “army training in killing.”

She became so frightened that she sought a second protective order Feb. 8, citing his deteriorating mental condition and statements he had made to a friend about doing harm to his wife or her daughter.

“Now I fear what he will do to me if I show up at my (AA) meeting on Sunday,” she wrote in that order.

She had reason to fear.

Two days later, as she arrived at the Sharonville AA meeting, Chancey saw her pull her car into a parking lot. He walked up to her and shot her six times in front of about 20 people.

When anti-gun extremists are faced with questions about how law-abiding citizens can protect themselves from criminals in the midst of gun bans, they usually claim the police or more stringent laws can protect us.

But as with the story “Dial 911 & Your Neighbor Dies”, this event proves that laws or restraining orders cannot stop a person intent on doing harm, and that police are most often relegated to cleaning up after a crime was committed, rather than preventing it from happening.



Happy New Year to all !

happy new year picA big happy new years to all  and thank you all for blogging here with me.

Much success has come about this year to expose AA and its dangerous ways.

  1. I attended Hotdoc’s in Toronto in April 2013 and pitched my movie to many people who were unaware of the dangers in AA. In essence, telling the International Film Community about the truth regarding AA. 
  2. Gabrielle Glaser’s book “Her Best Kept Secret” came out  in July 2013 and I was a chapter in it, where all of my work in AA and trying to make it safer was documented.
  3. We were on National TV “Katie Couric” in July 2013 Exposing AA.
  4. We launched an indiegogo campaign and raised over $24,000 dollars in September, which enabled me to produced 25 more interviews for the film shot in a professional way.
  5. The IDA became  our fiscal sponsor enabling us to accept money and a non profit write offs and their endorsement!
  6. I hired an award winning Documentary Editor, Barry Rubinow, and he created our new 7.5 min trailer in December 2013 with all the new footage.
  7. I continued making my radio show interviewing all the top experts in the non 12 step recovered world….I have over 125,000 free downloads and listens.
  8. We created a professional looking pamphlet for people who get a DUI.
  9.  We have submitted the film for a few very important film festival/ conferences looking for finishing funds as we continue to raise awareness.

I feel a part of an online community that continues to help me to deprogram, raise awareness and help me and others to Recover from Recovery !!! LOL :))))))))))))))