Why does Matthew Perry push his “sobriety” AA so hard?

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Why does he have to become the next Nick Nolte of the 8o’s or Robin Williams 20 years ago or any other famous stepper? I’m happy that he got over his booze problem if he really was addicted to alcohol, but why does he have to now make it his life mission to go speak at Drug Court and The Congress and create his own special sober living. That sort  of pressure to carry around in front of the whole world is kinda of heavy weighted…isn’t it?

What happens when he decides  he wants to leave the cult and drink moderately. . We have seen that before. Robin Williams wanted to.

Does Matthew Perry know or care that he is outright breaking all of his glorious AA traditions. Not that I believe that they are anything worth listening too….But for gods sake…cant these movie stars , fuck up, get their shit together and get on with their lives?

I guess not, we are  in Hollywood… the land of the cults,. The land of AA is so cool that a character  had to go to a meeting in the “PLAYER ” to take  a meeting . What horse shit that was.

I feel as though we are up against such a monster with this type of preaching from someone as famous as Matthew. I sure would like to show him the film .

Yet deep  down I know that AA is dying from within. IF we can stop the court ordering it will shrink by 50%. I was invited by a women in San Fran to take the film to Drug Courts and show  it. I think I will.

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