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Russell Brand’s Freehab Program Scores $500K In Federal Funding

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Rock Of Ages" - Red Carpet

When is this going to stop. I was just contacted by someone on twitter, that informed me the New movie about sexual assault on campuses The Hunting Ground by Kirby Dick, was funded by an AA member.

Sure enough it was. Also, as I began to surf the web I found this. I am outraged. My cities money given to a stepper to create a 12 step propaganda machine for youth!

The Los Angeles City Council Wednesday voted on a proposal spearheaded by a rather familiar face: actor-comedian Russell Brand.

A recovering addict looking to help others struggling with addiction, Brand first pitched his idea to Councilman Richard Alarcon, who recommended a $500,000 share of federal funds originally allocated to a different project be used to fund Brand’s nonprofit, Freehab. A no-cost 12-step drug rehabilitation program, the organization was co-founded by Brand and Lauri Burns, who founded The Teen Project.

Here is the link that shows the backing of this movie came from an AA member. This board for this teen project is filled with steppers. I know one of the women very well.

Paul Blavin Funded this film that I was just all excited about …

In spite of this knowledge… I do think this film will help change victim blaming. I need your help. Please contact me privately if you have ideas and resources. I have faith and confidnece that my film The 13th Step will help make the world better and safer for all.

It will also provide education that other options exist that are not antiquated and religious .



Suing Alcoholics Anonymous, your “EAP” employer, 12 step rehabs and your Insurance Company that pays for a religious 1930’s never updated peer support groups. No Mental Heath and NO real Health Care provided there ma, so whats the deal? What can you do?

Is AA like a wind up  phone circa 1930’s…oldphone1930

and Smart Recovery is like an IPHONE.


Why in America are we so stuck back then, when it  comes to addiction, alcoholic overuse and dependency? At first I thought AA just grew as a grassroots organization. I thought that because the readings at AA meetings and the folklore that is perpetuated in meetings, makes one think that. Our TV  shows like “MOM”momtv show pic

and FILMS like “FLIGHT”

flightpicwith Denzel Washington   promotes it all flagrantly like its sweet cookies and milk support group that is run by professionals  and  secular, which we all know is not true! …

so hear is the thread you have requested….:)

Hi.  Have you been coerced or bullied into AA? Are you a Doctordrsmokingpic

or a pilot? AA was formulated when cigarettes were promoted as being good for us as we see here in this ad. Well, is AA still good for the masses? Never updated, never researched  or never vetted? For 75 years…

pilots pic

I have just come back from interviewing a Pilot and a Doctor.  I was so shocked I had a hard time watching the footage when I got home. I got up from my desk, went downstairs and told my husband it was too depressing…I could not handle it …how sad he is…. Thank God my editor is more detached! LOL Thanks … Barry RUBINOW.

The coercion within the FAA and pilots is so fucked up that it broke my heart. This pilot /doctor was so sad that I have no words for what I felt from him. We could not film him in the light and we will have to pitch his voice for fear that he will be so retaliated upon and loss his license.

Things are very bad when the FAA is sending you to an AA psychiatrist who is called a something …blah blah medical Sponsor with some silly other word preceding it. They charge $1,500. for one session. There are only 2 of them in Northern Cali. They force the pilots to go to an expensive $40,000 bullshit rehab called HAZELTON !!!!!!! filled with stepper shit….OMFG!

I want you to know this….You are not alone. There is an attorney who can help you. Please contact me for now and we  will begin to see how to handle all the emails.

Doctors, pilots, nurses and lawyers are getting coerced to the religious lay persons “peer support” Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings.

dr 1935


Last week I was flying to Chicago and I  sat  next to a nice young pilot. We began to talk and I told him about my film and about AA coercion. I gave him my DUI pamphlet and told him to spread the word. He then informed me that when he was hired, at his training a member of AA who covers themselves as “BIRDS OF A FEATHER” came in a gave a talk…What? In your training? Yes he said. “Yes I think they are 12 step people”……Then two days later a pilot contacted me. What he told me I could hardly believe… but I do.

Last month I spoke to a Doctor who told me AA is deeply immeshed  in our medicine, in our research and while I had him on my show , I was sometimes speechless at what he was saying. I was so in shock. We all discovered how deeply it is in our judicial system years ago but our Pilots…


plane 1935…the FAA….our Doctors being told to be powerless and to go to a religious pod with a bunch of knuckle heads  for drinking a beverage? Holy cow….This is scary.

I also found out recently that AA has single handily slowed up real scientific research and cures for alcohol and drug over use/ and dependency at some of our oldest institutions.  Why are famous people pushing AA. What do they have to gain. Why does the government have AA on its website.

Ok guys and gals.. this is a big story. Its bigger then my film. But I assure you …I have reached out to some journalists to tackle this mother flocker. If are a pilot, a lawyer, and Dr and butcher a baker a candle stick maker….oh I lost my train of thought    just  kidding…Seriously if you have been told YOU MUST GO TO AA OR YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR LICENSE BACK please contact me for now at and soon we will have a journalist who I will be connecting you all to .


One more thing

GET AA and its wacko religious 12 step meetings, where dangerous felons  and pedophiles are sent every day, in every state … off my GOVERNMENT WEBSITE NOW!!!!!!

FABULOUS NEWS Regarding Coercion to AA meetings when getting a DUI.Atheist parolee wins federal appeal, is entitled to damages in rights case


An atheist parolee who was sent back to prison after he balked at participating in a religious-oriented drug treatment program must receive monetary compensation, a federal appellate court ruled Friday.

The ruling overturned the verdict of a Sacramento jury, which decided that Barry A. Hazle Jr. was not entitled to monetary damages, even though his constitutional rights had been violated.

Hazle did a year in state prison on a drug conviction. When he got out, his parole agent, over Hazle’s strong objections, forced him to enter a treatment program that required acknowledgment of a higher power.

Hazle continued to complain, so he was removed from the program and arrested. His parole was revoked and he was thrown back in prison for an additional three months and 10 days.

In September 2008, Hazle sued California Department of Corrections and

Rehabilitation officials. Six weeks later, the department issued a directive that parole agents may not compel a parolee to take part in religious-themed programs. A parolee who objects should be referred to nonreligious treatment, the directive said, citing federal case law.

U.S. District Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr. found that Hazle’s forced participation in the program ran “afoul of the prohibition against the state’s favoring religion in general over non-religion,” thus violating rights guaranteed him by the Constitution.

Read more here:

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