Gabrielle Glaser writes about Moderation in March 2014 Readers Digest Magazine

Here is the lasted article by journalist Gabrielle Glaser expelling the theory that AA is the only game in town which  we all now know is not true. Thank you Gabrielle!


Alcoholics Anonymous, Fort Collins, Colorado…Cleveland, Ohio -When AA Doesn’t Fit… What Options do you have?

bill and saturday evening post oic

This is what an AA meeting looked like when Bill Wilson posed for his first big marketing plug in one of the biggest Magazines of the times …thanks to Marty Mann the PR genius with all the sweet hookups and …trust me she know all of the High Society and she connected Bill Wilson with all of these people. AA would not  have existed without Marty Mann. Here are some other pics to remind us of how medicine use to be

insane a pic

If you are feeling that maybe AA is very outdated and toxic…you are not alone.


fear imageImagine using this puppy for medicine today…so why are 95% of rehabs using AA from 1935 and religious cultish pop psych lay person groups for a mental health issues or a behavioral issue????Why why why…

antiques medical image

So why has AA held such a strong hold on alcohol and drug over use problems in our society. If a government can control and weaken its people they might like that. AA is a philosophy and culture that dis empowers its members at every level. Think about it.

Join the many who are Leaving AA and trying sane alternatives to that wacky dangerous culture. Remember cigarettes were once good for you! There’s always Smart Recovery online.

smart image

Smart has a chat 24/7…I like this option. The other alternatives that are free.

I hear there is one young peoples Smart Meeting. Sorry no perverts allowed …smart has rules about who can come to a minor’s meeting unlike AA …

I don’t know about Cleveland  Ohio …I will post those options when I get there. Also , if you want to start an SOS meeting just contact Jim Christopher and he will send you a starter kit.

sos logo

Moderation Management …I suggest if you have been in AA to deprogram first throughly before you …cheers! 🙂

Harm Reduction, Hams Network see Ken Anderson for this option, and The Sincliar Method with the use of Naltrexone.

There is a great resource page on with every book you could imagine to read to help you.

Just a few more tips…

You are not broken.

No one labels themselves in any other newer modern program.

You have no disease.

No other program is religious, none have sponsors. none require you to come for LIFE!!!

Gabrielle Glaser has OP-ED Piece in The New York Times!!!!

Breaking News…Gabrielle Glaser author of Her Best Kept Secret has a piece in the NEW YORK TIMES…WHOO HOO !!!!!!!!


Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route

Published: January 1, 2014 2 Comments

THIS New Year’s, a good number of those who struggle to control their drinking will resolve to abstain from alcohol. No halfway measures. Quitting is the only way.

Anna Parini


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The cold-turkey approach is deeply rooted in the United States, embraced by doctors, the multibillion-dollar treatment industry and popular culture. For nearly 80 years, our approach to drinking problems has been inspired by the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Developed in the 1930s by men who were “chronic inebriates,” the A.A. program offers a single path to recovery: abstinence, surrendering one’s ego and accepting one’s “powerlessness” over alcohol.

But it’s not the only way to change your drinking habits.

Read the whole story here…

Happy New Year to all !

happy new year picA big happy new years to all  and thank you all for blogging here with me.

Much success has come about this year to expose AA and its dangerous ways.

  1. I attended Hotdoc’s in Toronto in April 2013 and pitched my movie to many people who were unaware of the dangers in AA. In essence, telling the International Film Community about the truth regarding AA. 
  2. Gabrielle Glaser’s book “Her Best Kept Secret” came out  in July 2013 and I was a chapter in it, where all of my work in AA and trying to make it safer was documented.
  3. We were on National TV “Katie Couric” in July 2013 Exposing AA.
  4. We launched an indiegogo campaign and raised over $24,000 dollars in September, which enabled me to produced 25 more interviews for the film shot in a professional way.
  5. The IDA became  our fiscal sponsor enabling us to accept money and a non profit write offs and their endorsement!
  6. I hired an award winning Documentary Editor, Barry Rubinow, and he created our new 7.5 min trailer in December 2013 with all the new footage.
  7. I continued making my radio show interviewing all the top experts in the non 12 step recovered world….I have over 125,000 free downloads and listens.
  8. We created a professional looking pamphlet for people who get a DUI.
  9.  We have submitted the film for a few very important film festival/ conferences looking for finishing funds as we continue to raise awareness.

I feel a part of an online community that continues to help me to deprogram, raise awareness and help me and others to Recover from Recovery !!! LOL :))))))))))))))

CELEBRATING over 103,000 thousand listens and downloads of blogger “massive” Monica Richardson on Blogtalk radio “Safe Recovery”


i am not powerless


WOW. A mile to be sure.

Thanks for all your support. 🙂 Any suggestions for shows or guests you would like to hear on my show just drop me a line. Exposing the dangers of AA was my first priority and then moved to also interviewing the leaders of the other options available to help with alcohol and drug overuse, both free and for profit.

Books are a great way to educate ourselves so if you’ve found a great new author that I have not interviewed Im interested in that as well!

We will be launching my KICK Starter campaign around August 6th! STAY TUNED!!!

you can always download and listen for free on itunes on any device.

Monica Richardson (blogger massive) and Author Gabrielle Glaser on Katie Couric ABC DAYTIME SHOW!

“Live” in NYC with Katie Couric and Author Gabrielle Glaser talking about 13 stepping in AA and the court ordering of violent offenders and sex offenders to AA meetings!

THANK YOU ABC AND KATIE COURIC for being the 1st talk show and 1st network to have guests on telling this 60 year old story about sexual predation in AA.

I am beyond happy to have this happen. Of course I wish I had time to say more or that some of what I said was kept in….but regardless… the truth was told. I did feel vulnerable and as many of you know I am very embarrassed that I was in AA over 3 decades and that I drank the kool aid for too many of those years.

The good part is that I saw the light and left over 2 years ago after trying to make AA safer. They will be forced to Make it safer.

There are many aspects to AA that are sending people out in droves. Its not just predation by criminals. Its the controlling psychological, emotional abuse by other members and sponsors who think they know it all.

fyi For any lurkers…

AA has no trained facilitators.
AA members often give medical advice when they are not Doctors
AA members often tell people to get off their medications.
AA is not a government agency
AA has no safety policies in place.
AA is deemed “highly religious in 25 states.
AA is filled with just regular people telling others how to live their lives.
AA is not safe for teens or young woman
AA members study a book from 1939 that is filled with god, made up christian dogma, and it has never been updated.
AA makes millions in its NYC office
No one gets paid in the AA structure except 12 people in NY.
AA makes people feel like they have to go their forever.
AA tells people they are broken.
AA was different in 1975. It was more a buffet….take what you like. Today its like …lets me shove this down your throat.

IN closing…if AA was like it is today, I would have gone to one meeting and never returned. WOW…
Stay tuned for the launching of my Kickstarter Campaign.

Are Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsors Out of Control? Good and Bad AA Sponsors. What Kind Did You Have? What Kind of Sponsor Were You?

  • AA sponsor pic

This is Chris Rock from the play “Mother F####ker With A Hat” , where  he plays an AA sponsor. I hear it’s a non pro AA play about 13 stepping. Now playing at The South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa. I will let you know what I think after I see it. It is set to play in Los Angeles soon, but it’s already sold out.

I have been thinking about this subject ever since blogger “illbefree” arrived here and began posting. So here is my story in a nutshell.

My first sponsor was a very good person by the time I met her. Her name was Mary. She  was a big strong hawaiian woman who was the only person who confronted my 13 stepper asshole, way back in 1975. Yet, even she gave me bad advice a few times. Most of the time she loved me like her daughter. I was a teen. 🙂 There are many things she did that made me a better person. She surely made me laugh! But she made her mistakes too.

First off, one day we were sitting at CoCo’s on Kalakaua with Big Richard and Emile, my AA buddies who were both 20 years my senior. We were sipping on some hot Won Ton soup and coffee and it was a chilly balmy hawaiian evening after we went into Oahu Prison, where we went every Wed, bringing an AA meeting to convicted felons who were in there for life. I’m sure I said something stupid, because then Mary turned to me and

said … ” you are sick, sick, sick”. Now I was 19 and I snapped my head around and said ” What did you just say to me…..I didn’t join AA for people to call me names” …..Her face got very serious and she fell silent. Big Richard gave me that  look ….like  ..”WOW you got some balls kid”. So from then on, she treaded lightly.

…more  of the bad stuff.

She told me to marry my 1st husband, that it was me that was too afraid. She was wrong.  My instincts were right. So why didn’t I listen to them.

She told me that it was my fault when a korean mobster newcomer with 90 days ripped me off for $700. …all the money I had in the world. I should have know better. I wanted to punch her in the face…and I didn’t … but I had her on a pedastill. It was then she became human and was never again looked at as a saint. But I did have another older sponsor who at the same time told me to go after the guy and get my money back which I did.  Her name was Zoe. Thank God for Zoe. She told me to be sure and not to go to too many meetings. That was NOT HEALTHY…”go to the movies, go dancing on Saturday night with young people” she said. Now I see how different AA was then. No one was telling me to go to 90 meetings or even to go everyday.

Here’s some of the good stuff…many times on op the trolls gave me shit for why I stayed so long, but I never felt safe to post it there.

She told me to pusue being a singer, play guitar and take acting.

She supported me in moving to California to pursue my dreams.

She loved me like her own daughter. I seriously needed a mothers love. I never quite bonded with mine, although things are better 30 years later:)

Her whole hawaiian family embraced me and Harry loved me like a daughter.

When other AA women said catty shit about my figure she defended me and told them I worked hard for rock hard abs. Which I no longer have ! LOL I’ll post my real pic later from back then:)))))great abs

She kept trying to get me to go back to school. I was always too afraid until years later.

I know you know that I love to bash AA now, but I did have some good woman sponsors.

Maybe this is why I stayed so long. I even went  to AL ANON for a few years but I picked a sponsor who was an atheist.

In the end when I was uncovering the crap about AA , one of my sponsors,  actually suggested to me that I should sue AA. She also told me she never beleived in being powerless or even that she believed she was an alcoholic. She just wanted to quit drinking and she liked the ladies meetings. Again I was shocked. But this last AA sponsor was so kind and real and non AA like that I felt I needed to post about her. Although she was wrong with advice about my son I had the intuition to know that I didn’t believe in rehab for my kids. And I told her straight up, ” I don’t believe in rehab. Its bullshit” . She was very respectful of me and my opinion.

I  I think most people need professional help and not AA sponsors ….yet we read that even judges ask this question in some of the stories we have published on the blogs. Can you imagine if the judges knew how nuts some of these sponsors are?

Now, recently we have a blogger here who has had hideous and bullying sponsors. I know illbefree has done losts of telling here, but I thought it was an important part of why so MANY people are leaving AA today….and that it  is the cult and controlling aspect. The bully’s and the BS.

Now what kind of sponsor was I ?…I like to think I was different. A rebel with a cause.erin brockivich pic A woman who shared her own experience and really tried to stay away from giving advice. True or not, I hope that I helped more then I ever hurt…  LOL   I was a  woman who had a lot of great therapy and read tons of self help books.  A woman who did rage work and a woman who already thought alot of the literature was BS and outdated. I told sponsee’s about Fein Shui tips, meditations tips, therapy tips from my therapist, how body work was essential and exercise were so important to my sanity and happiness. Yet still if I look back I made a few mistakes too.:(

I once told a woman I couldn’t work with her because when she told me she didn’t believe in GOD. …I was at a loss for words. I knew nothing about other alternatives like Smart Recovery, Rational Recovery, Lifering, Women for Sobriety, Moderation, Hams Harm Reduction, or drink link moderation.  I always looked at this as a spiritual program” OMG… looking back I am so embarrassed by this . Thats truly how naive I was.  I feel good that I called these people and said Im sorry. And Not the AA  way. I could really see how crazy stepper I was. It was hard to take.  To see that perhaps I was in a cult for all those years. WOW!

So please illbefree and anyone else join in…. By the posts we see here and on other anti AA blogs.  I am beginning to think more and more this is a huge problem in AA right now. Back in the 70’s and 80’s sponsors were much more laid back and not so “I’m in Charge”!

I see this is bigger or equal to  the the sexual predation problem. What do you think?