Happy Mother’s DAY!

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Happy Mother’s DAY. I know for some of us Mothers DAY isn’t easy. It got better when I became a mother almost 25 years ago.

Now being a MOM for almost 25 years, I like the day. No cooking and cleaning! We go to breakfast and out for dinner. There were  years in AA where I was way too oriented to ” Be of Service” . That shit really got ingrained in me. Its the one part of AA that I DO NOT MISS.

FOR example: I don’t need to fix people anymore. I don’t need to save anyone. I don’t have to take someone in. I am NOT responsible to have to put up with a bunch of batsh*T crazy mentally ill people sitting in an AA meeting talking just to hear themselves.

I do not miss being secretary, or whatever service commitment I had… I do not miss feeling like I have to be at my weekly meeting!!! Every wednesday rolls by and most I don’t even think about it, but somedays I do think about it and I say ” Oh…Im so glad I don’t go there anymore. Its a really nice feeling to be free. One more thing, in the West Side of Los Angeles, Area 05, those weird steppers have their Westside district meetings sometimes on Mothers DAY. at 9 am….I kid you not !

Sorry of the rant, have a wonderful Mother’s DAY !

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