Man robbed of car at knifepoint after AA meeting- Texas

ANOTHER Alcoholics Anonymous member shows violence, tries to stab someone and is leaving an AA meeting. Thank GOD for these journalists who are now reporting on this subject.  ( Just a note- there is no such thing as an AA class.) But it shows that many journalists don’t know that. They don’t know that AA is NOT a professional anything.

SO- how can so many millions Americans be court ordered there by a Judge?

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A 42-year-old man has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon for stealing a man’s car after asking for a ride in Harris County on April 5, according to police.

Police said Jose Luis Olivares-Bernal had been in an Alcoholics Anonymous class on Jensen Drive. After the class, he asked another person from the class for a ride.

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They were on Kowis Street when Olivares-Bernal

pulled a knife and put it to the man’s side, demanding him to stop the car. The man stopped the car and handed over his cellphone, wallet and car.

Olivares-Bernal then left the scene eastbound on Kowis Street. The man called police and filed a report.

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Liberal Columnist-Stand up comic, Tina Dupuy, Speaks out about going to AA at 13 and leaving after 24 years.

tina dupuy pic

Finally folks we have a famous person with some balls and courage. Thanks to you TINA DUPUY for speaking out. OMG we need you. Thank you .

tina dupuy close uppicTina had parents that were in a cult. She had a mother who sent her to a teen rehab for just being rebellious. WOW …the troubled teen Industry at work here….But then she joined AA at 13. I can understand why with a mother like that.

She became a circuit speaker and stayed for 24 years….Boy do I relate to that craziness. And now she goes to wine bars,……not AA…..YEA you go girl !!!!

A big cyber hug going out to TINA DUPUY, comedian and Columnist!

Here is her story on the DAILY CALLER