MASSACHUSETTS Supreme Court Hears Case For Dr Michael Langan

Dr Michael Langan has been extorted more then once to attend AA as if it were some special secret place in Doctor heaven.

I watched the entire video and was as outraged as I was the day he first told me his story back in 2013.

I hope to help get Media on this and expose and destroy these horrible organizations that are shoving AA nonsense down Doctor’s, Pilot’s, Nurse’s and Lawyers throats.

How are they in so much POWER?

How did this happen ? Marty MANN  is one of the reasons.

Maybe this is why AA is so infested everywhere.

Airline PILOTS who refuse to be extorted into Alcoholics Anonymous by their Employer and the FAA

pilots pic

We need pilots to come forward who want to sue the FAA and their employers for forcing them to a religious cult and calling it treatment. Its illegal to do this. Even an employer can not legally do this yet it has become practice like in the HIMS program.

Please send me your confidential story or write here and use an alias handle.  Nurses, Doctors and lawyers are also being forced to AA against their will.