Suing Alcoholics Anonymous, your “EAP” employer, 12 step rehabs and your Insurance Company that pays for a religious 1930’s never updated peer support groups. No Mental Heath and NO real Health Care provided there ma, so whats the deal? What can you do?

Is AA like a wind up  phone circa 1930’s…oldphone1930

and Smart Recovery is like an IPHONE.


Why in America are we so stuck back then, when it  comes to addiction, alcoholic overuse and dependency? At first I thought AA just grew as a grassroots organization. I thought that because the readings at AA meetings and the folklore that is perpetuated in meetings, makes one think that. Our TV  shows like “MOM”momtv show pic

and FILMS like “FLIGHT”

flightpicwith Denzel Washington   promotes it all flagrantly like its sweet cookies and milk support group that is run by professionals  and  secular, which we all know is not true! …

so hear is the thread you have requested….:)

Hi.  Have you been coerced or bullied into AA? Are you a Doctordrsmokingpic

or a pilot? AA was formulated when cigarettes were promoted as being good for us as we see here in this ad. Well, is AA still good for the masses? Never updated, never researched  or never vetted? For 75 years…

pilots pic

I have just come back from interviewing a Pilot and a Doctor.  I was so shocked I had a hard time watching the footage when I got home. I got up from my desk, went downstairs and told my husband it was too depressing…I could not handle it …how sad he is…. Thank God my editor is more detached! LOL Thanks … Barry RUBINOW.

The coercion within the FAA and pilots is so fucked up that it broke my heart. This pilot /doctor was so sad that I have no words for what I felt from him. We could not film him in the light and we will have to pitch his voice for fear that he will be so retaliated upon and loss his license.

Things are very bad when the FAA is sending you to an AA psychiatrist who is called a something …blah blah medical Sponsor with some silly other word preceding it. They charge $1,500. for one session. There are only 2 of them in Northern Cali. They force the pilots to go to an expensive $40,000 bullshit rehab called HAZELTON !!!!!!! filled with stepper shit….OMFG!

I want you to know this….You are not alone. There is an attorney who can help you. Please contact me for now and we  will begin to see how to handle all the emails.

Religion, AA and Spiritual Pop Psychology

I was thinking about how AA is always telling it’s members that they should only pray for God’s will.

Where does this crazy statement come from. If AA was a real religion which it is not, but it acts more like a cult, then they would tell you to pray for people and such, say…like the Catholic Church does.

In my last few decades or maybe when I was about 6 years sober I started noticing how this part of the program was really absurd. How dare a simple minded program such as Alcoholics Anonymous made up by some dirt bag sexual predator retard – Bill Wilson tell a whole culture and society how to pray, when to pray, who they can not and can pray for.

It was in fact this aspect of meetings sharing in the past 15 years that always got me really pissed. So I would speak my mind. reminding everyone that they had no right to do this.

I felt this aspect of AA really hurt and damaged alot of decent good members. They all seemed very confused about what was right and what was wrong. These were educated adults. Even women in my old home group I could see were very lost still in many aspects of their made up faith called Alcoholics Anonymous.

I was always one who like to pray and meditate and read hundreds of other books seeking a so called spiritual path. Now I feel that word “spiritual ” has been seriously tainted.

During the 1970’s when I got sober …or stopped on my own , then went to some meetings and got hood winked into writing a 4th step and reading a 5th step to some old woman named FLobird who I never connected with what so ever, I was already looking for any answer to life. So was a whole generation.

Books like Siddhartha  by Herman Hesse “I Aint Well But I sure am Better” by Jess Lair were big sellers. SUGAR BLUES was another one. Jonathan Livingston Seagall another. The Greatest Miracle in The World by Og Mandino. WE searched , we read, we had psychic readings galore and we hung out on the beach together, had camp outs and made up dances so we could hand out sober and clean together.

I actually would like to interview a pro AA priest, an atheist who left AA and is sober his or her way, and maybe a someone in between. This part of the craziness needs to be discussed. It’s absurd. I think so …
What do you think?

What’s New in The Addiction Recovery Industry and Alcohol Dependency World-Are you Still Powerless?

Take a look at this ad from the 1930’s. That’s right. You are not mistaken. They are promoting to smoke cigarettes and  they are saying,  indead smoking luckies is good for your health. Funny, AA was pushing that AA was good for alcoholics as well.

If you went to your OBGYN in 1936 I think you would be a bit surprised how he treated you. Again if you went to your Dentist in 1936 and had your teeth worked on you might run from the office knowing the “TOOLS” he would use today. Now let’s talk about Heart Disease. Now this would prove deadly. If you went to your Cardioligist in 1936 and he treated you …you would be dead. There were no tools like we have today when it comes to heart disease, heart transplants and we even can use a part from a pig for a valve.

So before you, your spouse, your mom, your uncle head for a 12 step meeting or even consider going to a “Treatment Center” like Betty Ford or What ever famous rehab is on Dr Phil’s go to list…DO the research.

Trust me. They have not done the research. None. Zip. Zilch. in 75 Years. No research of any kind.

And more more thing. SO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS TO 12 Step. There are no safety policies in AA or NA and our Judges are sentencing 3rd level Sex Offenders to these meetings.

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