AA Member Tries Intimidation

     ”  F####k OFF -Why do you feel the need to bash AA like this?  Not helping anyone.    ”              

This is what some 12 stepping idiot who thinks they can bully, threaten or intimidate me did today.

AT 5:01 PST I received this little turd of an email from I guess a little turd of an AA member. 

FUCK OFF was in the subject line of the email. I could not see who sent it. Sneaky little …!

Oh he must be such a big important AA member. So serene. So special now that he belongs to such an insider crowd!

Why do AA members feel they can bully, shit on, belittle, threaten normal citizens and get away with it? I will tell you why. Because some like the man who allegedly killed Karla Brada in Santa Clarita was arrested so many times, and drove drunk so many times, and got off by going to stupid AA meetings for over 22 years!!! That is why. They get away with it.  They think they are a special secret society that have freinds in high places who can work “around ” the law. I guess that part is true now.

When did things get this bad with AA and criminals and the bullying? How long has this type of direct get out of jail card really going on? 20 years?

Was Bill Wilson threatening people who didnt like AA. I kinda doubt it. He seemed like a weak minded, weak willed, lazy guy that used woman. I can’t see Bill Wilson sending me that kind of email. There were big negative articles written up in the 1960’s about AA. Bill was busy kissing their butts. He was too busy wanting people to like him and his Big Book.

So, when did this mobster above the law mentality creep it’s ugly head into the sweet docile halls of AA? Or was I dreaming all those f####king  35 years? I really want to know. …

AA today is liken to the 1930’s mobsters… aka mini gangs, entangled with a splash of lawyers, some nice moms, some creepy pedophiles, some teens who smoked too much pot, some more tattoo biker dudes, some more white men in suits who made good after they stopped drinking, beating their wives and molesting their children. Then of course if your in Los Angeles, you have to sprinkle a good mix of movie stars, writers who are out of work, and some hard core stepper Producers and a few more mediocre stars who arent really in AA but once went and now their famous and so forth. Oh yes, and we can’t forget the hundreds of sex offenders and violent criminals also being dumped into AA. Oh yea, we can’t forget the DUI’s who are  illegally being sent to AA in California.

My little friend who sent me this stupid  email…dont do it again. I will find out who you are and guess what. Sending a private threatening email is against the law. I will call the law.

New Sexual and Harassment Law Passed in May 10, 2010 please read and Post Everywhere!

In Alcoholics Anonymous, it might be the only meeting place left on earth in the USA where women are sexually harassed, assaulted and raped, their children are molested and get away with it,  every day in many cities across the country, without going to the Police or suing their ass in Court.

So if a man or woman for that matter, in an AA meeting turns to you and unwantingly says seductive sexually charged statements you have the right to get a retraining order against them.





The Days of AA Bullshit is coming to a close. AA sold $100,000 less in Big Books in 2009. No one buys a BIG Book anymore. They are bought by the group and given away. Its the DUI’s and Court orders that keep the gravy train going. Tell every person you know who gets a DUI and is court ordered the truth about the law and AA mandating. Religion and State don’t mix. 1st Amendment RIghts!

Harassment Prevention Orders, Chapter 258E

Chapter 258E is new legislation that was enacted to provide criminally enforceable protective orders to victims of harassment and sexual abuse, regardless of whether the victim and the attacker have a relationship. This new law became effective on May 10, 2010. Prior to this law, a victim of abuse could petition for a restraining order only if the abuse was a family member, someone living in the victim’s home, or someone with whom the victim had a “substantial dating relationship.”7 The harassment prevention order law allows a victim to obtain a civil restraining order against a menacing stranger or acquaintance.

7 See the 209A Restraining Order Process in the Domestic Violence section of this manual. MDAA VICTIM-WITNESS ADVOCATE REFERENCE MANUAL (2010)

– 57 -Chapter 258E defines “Harassment” as:

1. Three or more acts of willful and malicious8 conduct aimed at a specific person committed with the intent to cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property and that does in fact cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property; or

2. An act that: a. Byforce,threatorduresscausesanothertoinvoluntarilyengageinsexual

relations; or b. Constitutesaviolationofsection13B,13F,13H,22,22A,23,24,24B,

26C, 43 or 43A of chapter 265 or section 3 of chapter 272.9

A violation of a civil harassment order is a criminal offense. The process for obtaining an order is similar to the 209A process discussed in the Domestic Violence section of this manual.