SHAMELESS on SHOWTIME continues to pound its Narcotics Anonymous Propaganda


Dear John Wells- Writers and Producers- Show-runners of SHAMELESS on SHOWTIME-

Okay, we love the show-

From Fiona to Lip— I love this crazy ass family- Kevin’s Bar- Debbie getting pregnant and fighting to keep the baby – Bill Macy’s love affair with the dying cancer lady in last season…I cried– OMG I loved her — what an amazing actress- what a wonderful thread that was —-

but this NA character played by ( Dermot Mulroney)  and isn’t he 30 years older then Fiona ? —

So his character who was in NA when she met him has to call his f**king sponsor to ask him if he can sh*t or not…but you made Fiona out to be the predator— not—-likely—-in real NA culture.

Really —- guys— a 53 year old man, who has a kid, who runs a diner, has to ask a lay person who is untrained what to do ? NA and AA are not the only game in town, but even a great show like this where you wonder if the writers really like NA or not …

still they treat it like “sliced bread” …..aka “the only game in town”, which we know it’s not.

Like — when are you gonna bring the guns down and expose 12 step for the shit bag place it really is.

Is “Shameless” Shamelessly promoting Narcotics Anonymous Meetings…Fiona gets sent To NA again!


WOW what a great season finale last night. I feel like Fiona here….yelling  in this poster when it comes to NA Court ordered coercion.  And that new boss who is a stepper too….holy sh*t. job … her PO helps her hook up with…is Regina in “program too” I bet your ass she is…. I also adore  REGINA KING who plays her PO, but What the heck ….. I suspect that the creators of Shameless are not stepper lovers… but why promote NA this way. Maybe they don’t see it as promotion,  but if NA and AA are the only thing ever mentioned then people just think they are like “sliced bread” ….maybe they plan to go another “shameless” route.

Also Lip uses the term ” drinking the Big Book Koolaid” so Im thinking maybe they are reading our mail? Not sure… But one would hope that at some point someone some- where in TV land will mention another non 12 step, non religious alternative  like Smart Recovery, SOS or Moderation all which are approved by the Courts in LA and I know that SOS and Smart are approved by the National Drug Court . Doesn’t anyone know this in TV and FILM land?

I have a suspicion what curvy road they might take , but I won’t post it. It’s just my suspicion.

Why can’t one of these great shows have a character  sent to Smart Recovery or MM or SOS, just to break the BS cycle in our media. “Shameless” is for sure one of the best shows on TV today! Stellar Cast, fantastic writing, great directing and wow the DP and camera work on this last episode was gorgeous! I love this show!!!

William Macy is fanatstic. SO is lip and Fiona and so is Kevin and debbie….what a stellar cast. oh yea great writing and great everything!