Does Harvey Weinstein Have A Sex Addiction?

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Dr. Stanton Peele and Zach Rhoads engage in a clinical conversaton about Harvey Weinstein and recent allegations of sexual abuse and rape. Several questions have surfaced after this week’s news that Weinstein has diagnosed himself with a sex addiction; Stanton and Zach address a few:

– Is sex addiction real?

– Does sex addiction adequately describe Weinstein’s behavior?

– Is it possible he has some other kind of addiction?

– If it’s true that he’s addicted (to sex or anything else), what does that mean in terms of legal consequences?

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Mary Kennedy and the History of Addiction of Political Wives by Stanton Peel’s Ph.D.

New article About Mary Kennedy and Why The Disease Model Doesnt Work by Stanton Peele

The most famous political wife in the history of addiction was Betty Ford who, after being First Lady from 1974-1977, entered treatment for addiction to medications (then called “chemical dependency”) in 1978, then created the famed Betty Ford Center in 1982.  Betty Ford and her namesake center became the emblem for modern addiction treatment.  Ford detailed her story in her 1987 best seller, Betty: A Glad Awakening.

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Stanton Peele author of HOW TO ADDICTION PROOF YOUR CHILD 04/03 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio- Tuesday April 3, 2012-4pm PST -7pm EST 1 hour Show

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