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Well another festival has invited the film The 13th Step! Woo hoo….I am so happy that I will be able to go here to be  apart of this. Any of you bloggers in Texas. I just called an old ex  ex stepper who lives in Texas who really helped me leave when I use to blog on 2009-2010.

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The 13th Step the Film – NOW Available on VIMEO to RENT and BUY

Here is a short synopsis of what we hope to change and effect:

Change Federal and State Laws around AA coercion and 12 step plea bargaining with Sex and violent offenders.

Force AA to add safety and sexual harassment policy. This would include forcing them to have Area and District “Make AA Safer Workshops” all over the county. Create a hotline for those assaulted and harassed. Have a paid AA person, or some professional employee to travel the country dealing with places that are most dangerous and grievous with bad situations. Post my literature everywhere, including a Sexual Harassment and Financial Scamming Poster at the entry way to every meeting.

Put a warning on their site main GSO  and on all AA meeting sites.

Have a Safety statement read before every meeting.

Have a warning read that it is illegal to give medical advice to other members about Medications members take.

Make it policy that No Person under 18 may attend a meeting.

Educate the public on the 7 other free options.

Educate the public what is really going on in AA and shine the light and expose the truth.

Thanks. I appreciate all the contributions so far and the feedback as well.